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Bruce does Audio Books


I spend so much time in my car, I have taken to listening to audio books. Many have been quite good, read by unknown actors.
Oddly enough, I just finished listening to Elmore Leonard's book,"Killshot" and found it to be less interesting than his other stuff, but what was interesting was Bruce's work. He did two character voices that were excellent...the two main characters. One voice was so Steve Bescemi, I could easily suspend my believe it was Boxleitner; while the other was a deep and deliberate Native American/Canadian-ish accent. He has a great voice and was wonderfully convincing!

I still think Bruce's acting....generally speaking...is very...*Toaster Pastry* ;) BUT, I am quite pleased to be proven somewhat incorrect of his talent(aka pretty face and a body like tofu :eek:)hehehe
If you like audio books, you should try to get hold of a copy of Gary Cole reading In The Line of Fire. Really good story, very well 'acted' especially the part played by John Malkovich in the movie, and Gary's voice makes my toes curl with pleasure anyway :D
Cool, thanks! I am always looking for good audio books.....especially scifi. There is lots of Star Trek out there. :rolleyes: I have Donald Westlake short stories read by Theodore Bikel, which was pretty darn good.

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