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Bruce Campbell and Bubba Ho Tep


I dont know if anyone here is familiar with this small indie picture, but I have to say...Go watch this movie. I went to a Film Festival in Ashland, Oregon last night and watched a screening. It is a very funny, well-acted movie. Bruce Campbell was on hand to introduce the film and also do a Q&A afterwards. He explained that the director/writer of the movie put up the money himself to get it made. He then made a deal with a few movie theaters across the country to show it. Bruce Campbell has travelled to 30 or 40 cities to promote it. If you are a fan of independent movies and are tired of the lackluster, big budget movies, definately give this one a shot. It's hard to classify this movie into a certain genre because it deals with Elvis and mummies. Campbell plays Elvis who is an old man in a retirement home in east Texas. Kind of a "what if" story if Elvis had not have died. It also stars Ossie Davis. Anyway I just wanted to say it is one the best and funniest movies I have watched in a long time.

Here is a link to the official site with the cities it is playing in.

Bubba HoTep

I'm sorry if it sounds like Im just going on and on, but I just had to pass it on.
If it happened to be opening closer to where I lived, I'd be sure to catch it in a theater. As it is, I live about an hour away from a place where it's opening this Friday, but I just can't find an easy way to get there. I know I WILL be snagging the DVD once it's released.
I remember a promo for the movie on SPACE (Canadian Sci-fi channel) and was interested. But haven't seen it in any local theatres.

Kind of a coincidence, I was going through some old tapes and found an episode of Brisco County Jr.. I'd forgotten how much I loved that show.
I just learned today from a friend that the movie showed in Ohio 3 months ago, in Cleveland and Cincinnati. :( Woulda been a 2-hour drive for me either way... looks like I'm waiting til May 25 then. :p
I've been talking to someone about that movie on my school LJ. I haven't been able to see it yet, but I've wanted to ever since I heard it was coming out. It sounds like a riot. :-D
I just saw this movie on Saturday night. I thought it was fantastic. The most remarkable thing about it is how much more serious it is than you would expect given the premise. Yes, there are a lot of laughs, but this isn't anything like ARMY OF DARKNESS. Bruce Campbell actually does a remarkable job playing it all straight. As Ebert said:

"'Bubba Ho-Tep' has a lot of affection for Elvis, takes him seriously, and -- this is crucial -- isn't a camp horror movie, but treats this loony situation as if it's really happening."
This movie was frickin hilarious and touching all in the same breath. God bless studios who aren't afraid to break formula.

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