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Bruce Boxleitner in Fancy Feast commercial

Interestingly though, don't a lot of even "bigger" names do the commercial thing too? Every now and then we get them cropping up on obscure foreign clip compilation programmes... usually advertising cars in obscure countries that pepper the old silk trade route.

Incidentally Bruce is now on Twitter.
Like 90% of commercials for the Superbowl were celebrities trying to sell cars. They even got Clint Eastwood to do one.
New poster here, my first act here was following the YouTube link. Funny stuff!

For a moment I thought Boxleitner was going to play the priest. Thanks!
I've seen that commercial. The thing that strikes me about it is that Bruce looks old. :LOL:
No, they're divorced now. When fans have tweeted to him that they hope Bruce and Melissa will get back together, Bruce is quite definite that they won't.

BTW, Bruce also tweeted that he enjoyed the JOHN CARTER film a lot and that it's true to the Burroughs books. Can't wait to see it this evening!


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