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Bruce Boxleitner in audio books and Hollywood book-keeping


If you're a Bruce Boxleitner fan, you might perhaps have some of the audio books that he reads.

I came across these new ones:
Buckskin Brigades Audio CD (L. Ron Hubbard) - Bruce reads this Western story.

The Great Secret Audio CD unabr. (L. Ron Hubbard) - Bruce is heading this multi-cast recoding. It seems like a Science Fiction.

After searching a bit, I see he has read a few audio books before these too.

I found

Buckskin Brigades (Hubbard)
The Great Secret (Hubbard)
The Holy Road (Michael Blake)
The Veteran (Frederick Forsyth)
Stalking Horse (Willie Shoemaker)
Message in a Bottle (Nicholas Sparks)
The Hellion (LaVyrle Spencer)
Killshot (Elmore Leonard)

(some of these are cast dramatizations, while others Bruce reads alone)

Question 1: Have any of you heard/read any of these books and know if the prose is good?

Another question, related to licensing and financing of the first two audio books:
Galaxy Press (the Scientology publishing company for LRH fiction) had this offer going out to businesses in LA for last week:

The businesses who donate those gift packs seem to be paying full price for them. It seemed strange to me if Galaxy Press pockets the difference if this was charitable.

Question 2 and 3: Were those gift packets of books and audio books a profit venture or at cost? And how much could they discount the audio books without running afoul of the contracts with the actors?
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