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Breaking News-Columbia House Offers B5 Series


Beyond the rim
I found out today that they will sell the disks individually near the end of October. I suspect that Columbia House will have its own packaging for each disk. I don't know the price or if the extras will be included either.

That's great!!!! But, where did you get this info? /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
Are they just selling the Warner Bros. discs individually (4 epsiodes per) or are they doing their own 2-episodes per disc, few or no extras, "Columbia House Exclusive" edition, as I've heard they've done for other boxed set shows? That could make a real difference.

Of course, they were soliciting members for a B5 DVD club this spring, months before Warner Bros. announced the S1 boxed set, but then they got cold feet and cancelled the release and all the memberships along with it.


Hi Joe,
More than likely it will be 2 episodes per disk in a Collectors Case. The rep didn't say. I will find out more and then post.


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