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I just picked up the complete run of this series this week (it's packaged in one DVD set as well as sold sep) and have already made it halfway through the second year. I remember it from PBS and had only seen a few eps from various times, but all of them are hilarious.

Rowan Atkinson is a great straight-man/villan type and is so much better in this role than in that abysmal Mr Bean. Chalk another one up for the BBC. They really come up with some smart comedies.
I hearya, I have the same DVD set, It's excellent!!!

Wait till you get to Blackadder Goes Forth, IMO the best one.

Ain't nothin like British Humor!!!!

I have the same set that you guys have and it is one of my favorite (If not the best) brit-coms I've ever watched. Rowan Atkinson is incredibly underrated as an actor and comedic force.

I like turnips!

And yes...I think the 4th season is the best as well.
I have the Black Adder series on VHS. :eek: :(

Ah, well. Got it too soon to get it on DVD. :( :eek:

In any event, I have seen some hilarious stuff on the few Mr. Bean episodes I've sen, too. But I wonder if he'll ever be able to top "Black Adder". :LOL:

Excellent stuff. :cool:

He did a stage show that HBO or some station had awhile back. I really loved that, too. :LOL:

The Shakespearian versions of the "messenger".
Lucifer in hell, addressing the recent arrivals.
And, of course, the drum mime scene.

:cool: :LOL:
You know, not that I am disagreeing with you guys, because I love the fourth series as well. It's just that most people I know said that they hated that one.
General: I was trying to think of something that would raise the boys's morale, Edmund.

Edmund: Your resignation and suicide spring to mind, sir.



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