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Birds of Prey


Beyond the rim
The Finale that just finished up about an hour ago was best episode made for the series, and the music for the fight, was just brilliant, never mind what it was made for or about, (T.a.T.u. - All the things she said) it was perfect for the battle, i can not say enough how great this episode was, though it does really leave me feeling sad, now that it's aired, and all, such a short run, reminds me of Crusade all over again, getting only 13 episodes, and that is one of the worst feelings ever...

...enough on that, great episode, though i do have to say I am very dissapointed in the screen time that Dinah got, she should have had more, it was as if Gibson got more than her.

anyone else watch it?
I'll download it shortly.. and watch it within a few weeks. Then I'll get back to you.
hey, if you have better luck than me, let me know where ya got it, i can hardly ever get anything from KaZaA in less than 2 weeks, and i'm on Cable...

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