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Bill Cosby


What the hell is with Cosby?

In the late 80s he slams Eddie Murphy for being dirty. Last year he slams the Osbournes for being "sad." Ok, so he's too much of a pussy to handle a little swear word. Fine.

But who the hell does he think he is to be the moral executer of comedy?

So let's look at what all his moralism has accomplished artistically after he made his mark with what was, indeed, truly original clean stand-up:

- The Cosby Show, which has become the benchmark of commercailly successful yet bland, ultra-safe TV sitcoms.

- Ghost Dad

- Jello pudding commercials (apparently, it's better to poison kids with sugar than cussing)

I saw a clip of him on the Emmys the other day where he told Wanda Sykes that in his day they "spoke English." Come on, Bill, don't take it out on her just because you haven't been relavent in 20 years.
Hey, come on now! Ol' Bill is just getting older. You know how it goes. Being crotchety comes with the package, so to speak. I guess.

Okay, forget I said that. Just leave the man to his own little sterilized universe. He's not hurting anyone. I guess. ;)
All I know about Leanord part 6 is a reference Stewie Griffin made in Family Guy.

"I'm gonna sit right here. I like Jello pudding. And Ghost Dad was the greatest movie ever."

But I suppose the Coz wouldn't appreciate the unwholesome wisecracks on Family Guy, either.

Oh, and while he criticised Sykes' speech, he was wearing shades in doors. How goddamn rude is that? Chalk that up as just another "Cosby Mystery."
Bill Cosby is like 70 years old, practically senile and it wasn't all that long ago that his only son was murdered trying to fix a flat tire ... cut the guy a little slack.
I think he's possibly more than a little senile. In his speech at the Emmy's, he referred to his dead son like he was still alive. Quite sad, because he was one of the funniest stand-ups in his time.
Back in 1980, when the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy came out, Bill put it down as being a slander, or some such, against black people, presumably because the bushmen don't know what a coke bottle is. But, the hero is a bushman, and he has more intelligence, integrity, and courage, than all the white people in the film put together. So, it's not just senility, he's been at it for a while. He is entitled to his opinion, though.
That's not even the craziest of Bill Cosby stories... When Jimmy the Greek was fired from CBS (or ABC) for his theory that blacks were physically superior to whites because of slavery, Bill Cosby was one of the few celebrities (white or black) that came out in support of The Greek. He's also on record as saying that AIDS may have been "created" to wipe out certain people. And he was also a slum lord... many of the tenants in one of the buildings he owned in New York sued him because the place was falling apart.
Keep in mind that, like PsionTen said, the guy's like 70 years old. Almost every person I've met from his generation has strict "moral standards", if you will, and NO ONE that I've met from that generation has a "problem" with expressing their opinions. Most people from that generation see things in "black and white". It's this way or that. They don't really see an in-between.I can't even watch Who's Line is it Anyway? with my grandparents because the humor is too dirty.
There are plenty of people in the entertainment industry his age who don't make asses of themselves like Cosby does.

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