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'Best of' boxed sets

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\'Best of\' boxed sets

What do you all think of 'best of' boxed sets?

I'm not a big fan of them. If I like a show enough to want to own it on DVD, I'm going to want the entire series, preferably in the season by season boxed set format, not just a few random episodes. I'm not even sure who it is exactly that determines which episodes are 'the best'.

Sure, there may be a few episodes in a series that I dislike and may never watch again, but I'll still want to have them just in case, and that's a price I'm willing to pay in order to have the entire series.

I guess I can do a poll here.
Re: \'Best of\' boxed sets

I think most people will agree with you. If I like a show enough to buy it, I want it all.

But for some it would be worse than others. A best of Babylon 5, for example, would be a travesty.

I recently saw a 3 DVD set of Sid Ceaser "fan favorite" sketches from his early TV shows. I might get those for my mom. Sure, it's only a compilation, but it's the only Caeser on DVD and she's a big fan.
Re: \'Best of\' boxed sets

Yes, Sid Ceasar was a variety show. One problem with 'Best Of' sets, is that you and they may not agree on what IS the best of a given show. I'd say that for good drama shows that progress and develop over time, if you like it enough to buy it, you'll probably want the whole thing. A 'Best Of' for something like Saturday Night Live is probably a good idea, or for older shows that people want to check out because they've seen a few, but probably won't care if some specific ep isn't there. I'd like to see boxed sets of the original Perry Mason, which hasn't been shown, except in severly cut versions, for decades.
Re: \'Best of\' boxed sets

When The Outer Limits comes out on DVD properly, I'll buy them. But I won't buy the best of sets.

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