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Best new show this year: Journeyman ?


OK so I added this as a Season pass this year taking a chance. Hey, its on NBC not Fox...it will last more than 6 episodes, right?

Anyway, I saw the previews and had this sort of "OK so its Quantum Leap redone" attitude. And...it kinda is...sorta. That being said I was really surprised by it and enjoyed the first three episodes.

I think the show is very well done, well written, and doesn't insult your intelligence. So yea the guy (Dan) does randomly leap through time, but basically tracking on a single person's life, and by somehow changing that, he makes things better in his time. What isn't clear is how he is doing this, or why. He just started doing it one day.

Apparently whatever he is wearing at the time, goes back with him. So as this has been happening more, he has been coming prepared with old out-of-date currency (so his current $20 bills don't look fake). Carrying old cell phones, because today's wouldn't work 15 years ago. There was also some comment about "Don't bring citrus back with you, it explodes, I don't know why it just does"

Which brings me to the next thing....he finds out he isn't the only one doing it. In the pilot his ex-fiancee, whom he thought died in a plane crash 9 years earlier, shows up and is clearly jumping backwards too. What they are hinting at how, is that while Dan seems to go back and track on a single person until he makes things come out better....his ex-Fiancee may be tracking HIM. She doesn't have any memory of Dan's current time, since she is supposed to be dead (they havent fully addressed that yet), and its also clear that she said she was jumping back BEFORE she had met him....but stoppped when she met him.

Another cool thing, is that he doesn't have control of when he disappears --- and when he comes back is random as well. One time he was driving his car, leapt back in time, and since he was no longer in the car it hit a telephone pole. Sometimes he also thinks he is gone only 15min but was actually hours in his present, so that has been put out there but not fully explained.

So there is enough interesting back story they are dangling out there to get you interested, but each episode is pretty much its own reward so far.

Anyway, check it out if it sounds interesting. The show is still just getting started. Better watch it before rating suck and it goes off the air like all good shows. This one is after Heroes, so I'm hoping it has a chance on Heroe's coattails.
I like this show too but I am still on the fence about it's longevity. It seems like it would be hard to keep a job and have a life with the frequency and oddness that his jumps back in time take him. I am interested in how they are going to explain things but if they drag it out too long I am going to be extremely disappointed.
this is a really good show, very entertaining, brilliantly put together, and with fantastic music, i decided seeing how some people in various corners of the internet have recommended it to try it out and downloaded the first two episodes, i'm downloading the third and will certainly watch the rest of the series. for some reason it reminds me of an old show called brimstone, they are almost nothing alike but it gives me that vibe (and that was an awesome show).
I was considering watching it but everything gets canceled so I'd rather wait until season 1 is over.

The main guy is from Rome. His acting sometimes annoyed me on that show, so how is he here?

edit: that's the show Rome, not the city.
This is one of those shows that I haven't bothered watching because I just gathered that from watching the previews it wouldn't last long. But what do I know, I didn't think 'Ugly Betty' would last this long, and I think I remember hearing that it won an Emmy or something. Still refuse to watch it though. :D
This is one of those shows that I haven't bothered watching because I just gathered that from watching the previews it wouldn't last long. But what do I know, I didn't think 'Ugly Betty' would last this long, and I think I remember hearing that it won an Emmy or something. Still refuse to watch it though. :D

Well I just read HERE that more scripts were ordered for Journeyman...so it seems to be sticking around for a bit more. Also Bionic Woman, Chuck, and Life (which is another show I like)
I couldn't even get through the pilot episode of 'Chuck'. Someone I know was all about it and raved about it, but I didn't see the appeal.
Considering my name is Chuck, you would think that I would automatically check that show out...but no. Also, Adam Baldwin is in it, so you would think that would make me check out that show...still no. A friend of mine who does have good taste in TV told me it is actually surprisingly good. I watched the third episode, and part of the one last week. I admit, its got some good points, but it really just isn't my kind of show.

Not the total schlock I thought it would be though. I mainly listed it in the show ordering comment I made about in case anyone else was interested in it...not for my own interest.
Damn good episode last night, and they FINALLY started weaving in some of the back-story and mystery around WHY HIM and HOW is he traveling through time. That phone call he got (twice) seemed to not only have some interesting properties, but also mentioned a personal connection to Dan.

I think things will really start getting interesting when they dive onto that.
I still think the show is pretty weird and hard to imagine how he will keep his wife and job with all this jumping through time. Especially when he has so little notice before it happens. Next week's ep seems to put him in a really bad spot when he jumps....

However, I agree with the phone call from the Tetryon man. Or whatever the time traveling particals are called. :p It souned very Star Trek to me. ;)

I think I will see what the season has in store and see where it is going to take us. :)
Journeyman is one of those shows that I'm upset I missed. I love the main actor, Kevin McKidd, I like the idea behind it, and I heard great things about it, but I probably won't see it until years from now when they finally release it on DVD.

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