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Best DVD Release in September is TOMORROW!



'nuff said.
He's so evil.

I'm pretty sure he was in the show more than twice.

Of course I'll get this, I just will probably wait until after I finish DS9 season 4.

Here's a few tidbits I've been picking up on the ol' web:

- Sales of the DVDs for the first season were great.
- Family Guy is now the highest rated show on the Cartoon Network.
- A direct to DVD feature length film is moving from rumour to serious possibility.
- There are rumbles of Cartoon Network picking up new episodes for Family Guy and Futurama.


"The only reason we die..."
"Dude, I know what you're going to say."
"Sh! Sh! The only reason we die, is that we accept it as an inevitability. Ahh!"
I think the monkey was in at least 4 episodes that I can remember. It was probably in a couple more. EVERY time I see that angry little guy I cant help but crack up. :)
A picture doesn't do the monkey justice. You have to see his hand shake. And Chris. And the close-up camera pull.

I heard a few days ago that the movie is pretty much a go, just a few details to iron out. Bad news, though, won't be here for another year and a half. But there is some serious hope. And I can wait, especially for the monkey.

Another thing. They tried to take off Futurama and put it on hiatus for awhile. Ratings tanked. Multitudes complained. People didn't watch Home Movies (another good show BTW, S4 is due out soonish and the DVDs too) in protest. Things are definitely looking up for both shows.

That somewhat better? :p Not bad for something some fan created. You are right though, its not just his expression that makes him so funny, its that fingerpointing movement/hand shaking thing he does. Killer stuff.
I didn't watch the show in order originally, so the first time I saw the monkey, his arm was quivering in abject hatred, in the horrible way that strikes fear into fat teenage boys. Later I saw the first one with the monkey and his arm wasn't shaking. Brilliant animation decision.
Aha! Funny monkey.

And I picked it up today! w00t! Haven't actually WATCHED any eps yet, but I'm planning on sitting down later today and starring at my TV for most of the afternoon. Order of the day? S3. Oh yeah. Oh... yeah.
Quagmire may be my favorite character in the show though. Everything that guy does is funny.

Quagmire: "How old are you baby?"
Girl: "16"
Quagmire: "18! Alriiight"
Girl (afraid): "Mom!"
Quagmire: "ooo, I like where this is going!"
That is probably the BEST Quagmire line in the show. Pretty much describes his character.

But don't forget Stewie. His acapella of porn music at the racetrack is good things. So much good stuff in FG, it's hard to remember anything beyond the last ep I saw.
Stewie potty training scene is freakin' classic.

Peter: "Just drink some beer, that'll go right through you."
Stewie: "Oh great, then maybe we can light up a doobie and watch porn."
Peter: "Y...Yeah?"
Reminds me of the pet rock.

Peter: "Bad rock! Bad rock!" :D

I could use a sig pic of that. Which reminds me, GKKR makes nice li'l pictures from his DVDs. Very cool for avatars and signatures. Look at our sigs on his board. A taste:


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