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Because You Demanded More


This story takes place shortly after the 4th season episode "Epiphanies"

"Corruption in the Corps"

Jack never missed his years on Babylon 5, he was an underling their. But here, working with the president was amazing. He had power.
It had been a little over two years since the prison transport ship he was on "disappeared." A little over two years since he had been caught shooting his superior officer, Garibaldi, in the back. Jack didn't mind shooting him though, he did what was necessary to promote his boss to king of the mountain. Jack had been working for years as an agent at Babylon 5 under the Vice-President, and the 'Vice' had promised Jack lots of...merchandise to keep Garibaldi quiet. Jack did so. And of course, the President rewarded Jack. First by lying about the 'lost' prison transport, then by giving him a nice job.
Jack had been promoted to a Security Liasion between the Psi Corps and now President Clark. A far better position than some aid on a doomed space station, and doomed it was. If it were his last breath he took, he would destroy that damned station.
Although Clark would probably get to it first, Clark had already started weakening the station. He launched the media war, he stopped all transports going to the station, and he put a fighter wing by the local jump gate.
The damned fighter wing! How did Sheridan do it? Jack knew the Black Omega squadron plan to frame B5 for destroying the fighters, when it would really be Psi Corps destryong the fighters. But how did Sheridan find out? The plan was foolproof.
No one knew except Clark, two or three Psi Cops, and himself. He was relaying the order, after all, and a lot of suspicion was targeted at Jack because he was the one that told the corps in the first place. His background at Babylon 5 didn't help much either. And it wasn't like anyone would point the finger at Clark. Damn that station for making a mochary out of him!
Jack would definately have to be careful and keep his eyes peeled.


"Welcome back, Mr. Bester," Jack greeted the famous Psi Cop, "I trust everything went well at Proxima III."
"Yes, Mr. Cregg. It seems that their are several talented telepaths not only on Earth, but in her colonies as well," Bester replied.
"Well that's good to hear. The Corps always needs more members fighting for Clark," Jack stated.
"Yes," Bester agreed, "The Corps needs more fighting members."
With that, Bester left the docking bay, and Jack just stared up at Bester's Starfury in awe. Jack personally wished he had his own 'fury.


Jack walked in his office and the computer gave him the bad news. "You have two messages." It said to him.
"Alright, lets hear it," he told the computer.
The first message was a report on the plan to frame B5 by destroying the Starfuries guarding the jumpgate, then leaving evidence it had been B5's work. The starfuries were planted by Clark to stop transports from going through the jumpgate to Babylon 5. The report said that the Black Omega fighters and the Black Omega transport had been completely destroyed, all hands lost. Clark warned him that if this happened again he would have Jack's head. Not suprising, the whole wing of Starfuries that Black Omega planned to murder had joined up with Sheridan.
All in all, this wasn't good news.
"Computer, play second message," he ordered.
"Jack, Bester was here! He was here on Babylon 5, just a while ago! Why wasn't I warned?" Asked the Nightwatch member, Rhoades.
Bester? Jack thought, On Babylon 5? How?
The Nightwatch agent couldn't of been wrong, he wouldn't lie about this. Rhoades had been completely honest and trustworty since day one. Rhoades might of just seen someone that looked like Bester.
No, that didn't make since, he's a Psi Cop, and a damned horrifying one at that. What was Bester doing on Babylon 5? Everyone knew that there were only a bunch of traitors on that station.
Bester? A Traitor? No...
Wait. Bester knew about Black Omega's plan.
Just then Jack got a hunch.


While checking on his hunch, he saw Bester walking in the hallway. Jack couldn't help but wonder if this man was a traitor.


A day later, Jack had two more reports from well-trusted sources, Bester had been on Babylon 5. Many even believed he had gone aboard a White Star Class ship with Sheridan. Jack would never have thought it possible, Bester was supposed to be on Proxima III looking to promote the Psi Corps to the general population.
"Incoming message from Dock Workers." The Computer informed him.
"Play," Jack responded.
The message confirmed Jack's hunch. Jack guessed that Bester hadn't changed his flight trajectory from Babylon 5. So he had the dock workers check the trajectory of Bester's starfury by using sensor logs from various listening posts. Apparently the logs showed that despite Bester's two stops, his original point of origin was from the Epsilon Grid, inside the Epsilon System.
His hunch had been correct. Bester was a traitor.
"Computer, record message for President Clark!" Jack exclaimed.
"Confirmed." The computer answered.
"Mr. President we have a traitor in the Psi Corps ranks his name is-"
"SSSSZZZ" cut Jack off. It was the sound of a PPG powering up for a deathly blow.
"Naughty, naughty Mr. Cregg," scolded Bester.
Jack turned around to face him "How did you find out I knew?" Was all Jack could stammer out. He was in shock.
"I am a telepath, Mr. Cregg. I could see it in your mind yesterday. See you walking along the corridor and wonder if I was a traitor," Bester told him.
"We...we can work something out. Come on, please!" Jack pleaded.
"I don't thinks so, Mr. Cregg. You shouldn't poke around in things you don't understand. This is too big for you. It's about love, something you wouldn't understand. Would you Mr. Cregg?" And Bester shot him before he could utter a sound. "Computer, delete message."
Bester then continued on with the pressures of the day.

"Ink on a page!" -Refa describing the moral depths of a treaty.
"Life is life, whether it's wrapped in skin, scales or feathers." -Dr. Franklin
Wonderfully written Morden, do we get more?
Bester's lines did sound like something he would say.

Have a nice day!!!
Oh yessssssssssss, there will be more I hope!

"...abso-FRAGGIN-lutely, damn it! I have been studying your use of lauguage since our last discussion. Do you approve?"
DW, 'tis great to see you again. It is so rarely I am blessed by your pressence. Flarny, you bet, I'll keep stories coming in.

"Ink on a page!" -Refa describing the moral depths of a treaty.
"Life is life, whether it's wrapped in skin, scales or feathers." -Dr. Franklin
Yes, Morden it's great to see you again, too. I always like to read your work. It's very creative, sometimes. I've been busy, with the dreaded real life, lately and that doesn't leave me much time to post as much as I use too. Though I am here, I just wonder through the shadows so no one knows I'm here.

Have a nice day!!!
This story was even better than your last. I never would have thought of using Jack in a story. You really managed to capture Bester's way of acting!

-With every light is born a shadow-
I've noticed that you're not posting as much as you used to, DW, waste of material I'd say. Make sure you have fun in your dreaded life every now and then.

Thanks Elizar, I'll be writing more over time.

"Ink on a page!" -Refa describing the moral depths of a treaty.
"Life is life, whether it's wrapped in skin, scales or feathers." -Dr. Franklin

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