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Beastmaster (the fate of supporting players)


Where do supporting actors from cancelled scifi shows end up?

Well, when B5 wrapped, several ended up on DS9. Peter Jurasik and Jerry Doyle ended up on Sliders.

After Crusade ended its "limited" run, Marjean Holden ended up on Beastmaster. And now, so have ex-Farscapers. I just glanced at an episode which featured Claudia Black and Anthony Simcoe. It was kind of eerie to see Simcoe sans prosthetics (even if he used the voice), but it was kind of nice to seem them together.

Unfortunately, Beastmaster isn't exactly a captivating show. In fact, I can't think offhand of anything more cliche (the episode in question involves a boy raised by wolves - how original). It's a bad Hercules clone based on a movie that should have never had a sequel. Maybe if I was ten years younger, I could still be entertained.

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