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Battlestar Galactica new


O.k being a fan of the original I was a little concerned about this but i'm hooked . call me mad but this wont be as good as B5 but has the protential to come close in the story arc department.

I'm not going to get into the whole change of sex crap most fans of the original rave on about ,cos boys and girls this aint the original and I think Starbuck as a chick is fun ,becouse she has the same personality traits as the original and I always liked a girl whos strong willid and inderpendant.

well enough of my prefrences for a date ,Anyone else got a take on the new show?

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I thought it was great. Story, acting, FX, music etc...

Plus what happens one episode has an effect on the next! Why wasn't this thought of before? :D

Can't wait for the next series. I too had the initial reaction of ' why did they change all that? ' but got over it.

I also though the occasional direct nod to the original - ship design and music - was great.
It took a loooong time to hook me, and to be honest, I'm still only slightly above "meh" with it.

The last 3 or 4 eps got me hooked enough to make sure I watched it though. :)

I just found it all a little...dull. To be honest, that's mostly a criticism of the miniseries, which prejudiced me against the TV series. When they re-run it prior to Season 2 I'll watch it all again giving it a fair crack of the whip.

Richard Hatch had a presentation at the Wizard Con this past weekend and he's definitely changed his attitude. It was nice to see. The previous time I'd seen him was shortly after the reimagining had been announced and he was *so* angry about it.

He still thinks his idea was better (of course) but he seems to love the cast of the new one and has come to appreciate that many of the things he'd fought for back in the day are actually going to be happening.

He's now focusing all of his attention on his Great War of Magellan concept.

I love the new BSG, but I still think the series would have been better served with a completely fresh start, and not a "re-imagining" of BSG.

The characters (apart from the names) and the style of story-telling are so different from the originals for them to be of little relevance other than as a blatant marketing tool. The original BSG was a piece of fairly light tea-time SF entertainment, the new BSG is something else entirely.

Who knows ... if they had done it as a new, original series, they could perhaps have drawn in even those fans of the original BSG who are not prepared to give this one a chance due to the changes that have been made.
I enjoyed the original and ws quite upset when it ended, but, I realize the original was cheezy and only one step above the likes of Lost in Space (Which I also loved as a kid).

None of the changes bothered me. I was OK with Boomer being an Asian chick (And a Cylon) instead of a black man, I was OK with Col Tighe being an alcoholic old white guy, instead of a professional black man, and I was OK with Starbuck being a woman as well as the Cylons being human looking. What I didn't like about the Mini-Series was that Starbuck was still written and acted as a male character, but played by a woman. That really bothered me in the Mini, but, either I got used to it, or they made her a bit more female, because in the series proper, she doesn't bother me at all.

Looking forward to the next season. All three (SG-1, Atlantis, BSG) are starting the new season in mid-July, aren't they?
I liked it. It still seems to be following the parallels of "Exodus", albeit at a slower pace. They've also applied stronger scientific principles, and not been afraid to be VERY dark.

There's also the issue of them only being limited to less than four magazines of ammo. With lasers that's not an issue, but I'm interested to see how that is played out.

Will they bring in the Pegasus at some point?

I just hope they don't arrive at a modern day Earth at the end... especially not thanks to the help of a milky bar kid! They should make them arrive on an early Earth, or a futuristic Earth they can make a final stand at. I always felt the latter was where the original series was going (there was a ship of light that knew where Earth was, and gave them helpful advice as to how to get there)


I suspect what Baltar was shown at the end, was a human/cylon hybrid in the cradle.
I'd love to see an absolutely kick-ass future version of this Earth... I agree that I really don't want to see a modern day Earth. I want a big fleet, battleships, cruisers, carriers & fighters - it would still be a hard fight, but maybe the Cylons could plan a sneak attack and the Galactica has to rush in in time to provide a warning.

But - and rightly so - I don't write scripts and stories...
New Battlestar Galactica on DVD

In the U.S. the first season of the new BSG will be released nationwide on September 20th. But Universal is following Fox and Warner Bros. is making a marketing deal with Best Buy for an early release. In exchange for promotion and prominent (and assured) shelf-space. BSG Season One will go on sale at Best Buy stores on July 26th - apparently for the full suggested retail price. (Which Best Buy can get away with since they'll be the only game in town for two months or so.)

Arguably this isn't as much of a rip-off as it seems at first blush. Basically we're looking at a September 20th release with the option of paying a premium to get a copy early. (You don't even need to have a Best Buy in your area, since the set will almost certainly be offered on Best Buy.com.) I'm just glad it is coming, since that means I don't have to waste a lot of time and energy editing the commercials out of my MPEG files and burning them to my own DVDs. :)

You can find the available detaisl here.


Re: New Battlestar Galactica on DVD

Heck I'd have thought the US would already have it out on DVD. I've had my region 2 copy over here for a good few months now!
Re: New Battlestar Galactica on DVD

The broadcasts started later in the U.S., so it isn't surprising the the DVDs would also be released later. In addition the U.S. DVD rights are controlled by Universal - one of the last studios to release TV series on DVD and the one that has been the least consistent in terms of quality, features and timeliness.

A lot of business decision making at the various units of American side of Universal-Vivendi was effectively paralyzed for the better part of two years, after all. First there was all the uncertainty about whether the company would be sold and whether as a single entity or in various pieces, then there was the long wait for regulatory approval after the NBC bid was accepted, and finally there was about a year dealing with the initial reorganization and integration of the new company and the various networks and production units once the deal went forward. Universal's home video operation basically stopped functioning except for obvious new and catalog theatrical releases, because nobody was quite sure if the TV library would wind up with the same owners as the film library, and because TV on DVD was still an area where lessons were being learned and the ground-rules written. The effective halt of TV/DVD operations led to some people leaving the studio, while those who remained had very little experience in the area, and that generally has left them now trying to play catch-up in this growing market segment while trying to prioritize a backlog of existing high-demand shows like Law & Order with more recent fare like BG that they want to cash in on.

I'm mildly surprised that they're getting a set out on disc as soon as they are. Once it became clear that they wouldn't have one in stores before the second series started (July 15th in the U.S if I'm not mistaken) I thought it would drop down the prioritylist and we wouldn't see it until late this year or maybe early next.


Re: New Battlestar Galactica on DVD

I hadn't actually seen it on TV at all. I'm a mere mortal and don't have cable or sattelite. I just took a wild punt on it and trusted to hope.
Re: New Battlestar Galactica on DVD

TV Shows on DVD is reporting a price drop to $49.99 on the Best Buy site. But they still don't have any other details or the box art on the main page, and the listing still says "UK Version", so I still suspect that it is a placeholder pre-order listing and that the final details haven't been made available. (The picture that appears on the details page for the 1st season set seems to be from either the UK relase or the mini-series.



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