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Battlestar Galactica "Blitzes" USA TV ratings

Re: Battlestar Galactica \"Blitzes\" USA TV ratings

That's great news... now I can only hope that the Galactica gets some reinforcements. I'd just love to see Commander Cain show up on the Pegasus. :cool:
Re: Battlestar Galactica \"Blitzes\" USA TV rating

If those numbers are even somewhat accurate, which I assume they are, that is really great news!

I agree that would be cool, but at the same time I don't want them to re-make every cool episode of the original series.

Actually, there were only a few cool episodes, but still, don't want things to get too repetitive.
Re: Battlestar Galactica \"Blitzes\" USA TV rating

I don't think it'll be repetetive, they'll think up something new... I found this last night in the blog thing on the website.

"Will we ever hear anything about other battlestars? Especially Pegasus?"

We have discussed the Pegasus storyline for a couple of years now. It's still tooling around inside my brain, but I haven't settled on a take yet. Call it a strong possibility at this point. No plans to see any other battlestars at present. - Ron Moore

Maybe this time around it'll stick with the fleet. :cool:
Re: Battlestar Galactica \"Blitzes\" USA TV ratings

Here's the article:


This is great news for fans of the new program who want to see future seasons.

Those are the ratings for the first week, which I don't think are actually all *that* unexpected. SFC did advertise the show quite a bit. It makes sense that a lot of people would toon in. What's more important is how many of those people stick with it in subsequent weeks. In that respect, this is the news that I'm most excited about. Very little dropoff in the second week, and it beats SG1, Atlantis, and Enterprise.

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