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Batman Begins starts filming


Batman Begins has started filming and is scheduled for a summer 2005 release date. This seems to be the making for a great movie, what with the cast and Nolan as director. I know we've talked a little about this before but hopefully it doesn't have too much star power and doesn't degrade itself to the levels of Batman and Robin.
Well, if nothing else, I think they picked the best bat villian of all -- Ra's al Ghul ("the demon's head" in arabic). Unlike so many of his other foes, Ra's is batman's equal in many ways... he has as much money as Bruce Wayne; he's a master swordsman; genius-level strategist; and practically immortal thanks to the Lazarus pits. And then there's also Ra's hot daughter Talia.
And I hope that the plot of this movie will be worth Batman title. But time will tell, let's just hope that this will not end in Mr. Freeze reappearance....
As far as Im concerned (and note, I was not a reader of the comics, but merely a fan of the cheesy series) the original Batman with Michale Keaton was Batman. The other stuff seemed too lame to me to be Batman (even given the entire Dark Knight theme that Batman was supposed to have, but didnt in the movies following Michael Keatons Batman). I hope this one lives up to what its supposed to be.
Hmm.. Christian Bale as Batman I see... Well, he was a good Preston in Equilibrium. As an actor, he has a couple of good movies, I hope that this new Batman will be one of them.

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