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Baseball & Bab 5


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I was watching an episode the other day & Garibaldi and Sheridan were on a baseball diamond batting balls from an automated pitching machine. I was wondering if there are any episodes that they play baseball or have a baseball themed story, or if that one scene is as deep as they get with it on the show?
That was pretty much it. Though there was a small bear wearing a baseball shirt and cap but it had an unfortunate airlock encounter.

Hi, ec0planet. If you're thinking you've seen such a thing (an actual game), it was done on Deep Space 9. I think. Don't quote me on that, I'm not sure. :wtf:
There was also "All Alone In The Night" when Garibaldi, Franklin and the "red shirt" starfury pilot (Rodriguez I think), were taking bets on an Earth team playing the Mars Dodgers. Granted it's not much... but there's at least a connection.
All the baseball-themed stuff in DS9 was a bit of an irritating distraction for me, probably because I'm not a big fan of the sport (unlike American football)--but it was particularly quirky for Sisko because by that time it was an all-but-dead sport as one of the eps hinted (only a few hundred spectators at the last "World Series" ever played, many years back). But I must admit that the episode where the ad hoc DS9 team played that all-Vulcan starship crew was a fun one, in that we saw all the characters operating in a completely different element, laughing at themselves as they struggle to learn the game, being good friends having good times (which of course the Vulcans never understood).

But I'm glad B5 didn't get that into it.

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