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Ok, for the record, I absolutely HATE the banner ad we've got on this site occationally for "Study Buddy". The damn spiders scare the fucking hell out of me. :eek:
Puhleeze. An earworm is far less troublesome than arachnophobia (sp?). Last week, I actually got woken up from sleeping with a crazy fast, hard heartbeat to Justin Timberlake's "My Love" stuck in my head (strange!).
Banner.. ad...?

*views the site with IE instead of Firefox*... Ohhhhh.


For me, Gnarls Barkley's Crazy is the most addictive song of the moment.
Banner.. ad...?

*views the site with IE instead of Firefox*... Ohhhhh.


I'm viewing the site with Firefox and see the banners. So you must be blocking them.
Not sure about SB, but for the most time, I'm blocking images all over the web. There's just no way to get sites with images through a longish and overloaded encrypted tunnel, unless you set out to wait for a week. :D Okay, okay, a minute. :)


What badger song? The one from a Flash cartoon featuring badgers, snakes and mushrooms frolicking amid greenery? That one's still in my head after several years! :D But I don't mind, I memorized it willingly. My head contains all kinds of stupid stuff. :D
ive found they ojnly apear once a yr for me and scince ive been here less than a yr i guess ive only ever seen one...

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