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I'm part of the way through watching "The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father," and as I sat here watching the scene where the PsiCorps personel are briefed about Jonathan Harris, the telepath that murdered his roommate and went to Babylon 5, I was noticing the various bits of information about him they had running on the profile projection they had at the front of the room. It got the point where it listed languages he had studied, and one that was listed (the only one I paid attention to because I got all Ooo over having seen it) was "Ge Na," which if I recall correctly, was one of the three primary Minbari languages that Delenn listed to the reporter in "And Now For A Word."

I love how much attention to detail that frequently went into this show!! Babylon 5 is so kickass!
I didn't notice the languages, but I could have sworn I saw a curious mathematic reference. I think it said Calculus 4. I might be wrong on the number 4 part, but I'm guessing that Calculus is in there because telepaths, and even some normals, use math to help block out telepathic scans. They also use music. I wonder if music was one of Harris's skills.

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