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Does anyone know if any designs were made for the BABYLON stations 1-3? I know 1 is shown briefly in IN THE BEGINNING, with a red colour scheme. JMS posted "They went in spectrum order, from red, a coule of interim colors I can't
remember, to green, to blue". Does anyone have any ideas/art/info on the other stations? Cheers.

So presumably atations 2 and 3 were destroyed purely on taste grounds. I mean come on orange and yellow?
No doubt the destructions of 2 and 3 were thus the responsibility of the Good Taste Police, an early version of Nightwatch . . . only generally more welcomed by the discerning.
The Minbari were just waiting for that right shade of green to come along before nicking it. Still fashionable after 1000 years.

Shame can't be said for B4 security uniforms. Brown? In space?
Yes, I believe some disigns were made.

There used to be a site with a picture of it: VEX (Voltayre's Encyclopedia Xenobiologica). It was a CGI composition of the front of the station. It looked very silimar the B5 and B4, but also just as unique. The colour sceme was gray, if I remember correctly.
I still have a black and white printout of that particular page, called 'Babylon-class Space Stations'. Below the picture were the words 'An early station design submitted by Karmatech'. I don't know where he got it, but he had other CGI pictures that were never shown on TV.

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