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Babylon 5 Trading Cards


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I have a mass amount of Babylon 5 Trading Cards & new never played CCG. I was an Arvid collector and bought many CCG boxes to obtain Autographs. I would prefer to find a homes for fans of this series that would appreciate it. This is not a post or a sales pitch. I don’t sell on eBay or anywhere else. My prices will not be gouging and are way below eBay or any other seller. I bought many boxes over the years so I am the original owner. If you’re truly a fan you will appreciate them for what they are something to enjoy. Serious inquiries only for what’s available. I am also willing to trade for items I may not have also.
Hmmmm well I personally have collected some of the CCG cards just from a collector's standpoint. I've never had the ability to engage in the game itself. Sorry I missed your offer DuckyStrike01, but November in particular would have been a terrible time to try to get any money out of me, but that is always true. BUT November was when Christmas was approaching so that hurt your chances.

And who else wants to discuss trading cards with Looney? Anyone? Anyone? :D

Have a few random trading cards picked up in lots, but consider them to be tiny versions of press photos. Not sure if other B5 cards are considered trading cards, as picked up a River of Souls and Sleeping in Light set to go with the scripts, plus some of the season sets and trivia cards.

Ordered four cards week, but they haven't arrived yet. Am placing them with some items my credit card recently acquired since it seemed like a nice touch.

Although there is this other card (on Ebay), but who would want it?
HAHAHA So what you have there is a mix of the Trading Cards and Collectible Card game cards. I believe I actually have that Abbut card as well. After I collected all the Trading Cards I started collecting some of the CCG cards, but there are A TON of them and they were really meant to be played in the game. Let me know if you want to learn more. 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

I bought this lot of Collectible Card Game cards awhile ago, but I've not had the inspiration to go through and catalog them all. 250 or so.