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Babylon 5: The Lost Tales...


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It is on my top netflix queue, I should able to receive this dvd by this week. However, I check the comments from people who watch this show. They did give many negative feedback on this show. Their common complain is not enough characters and flop story arc on this show. IMO, it may be a trail and they might be ready to put new series after this show. The reason for my opinion that there will be new tv series for Babylon 5 because Battlestar Galactica will end at fourth season. After that, what is next Sci-Fi thriller tv show? I don't see any previews or information about future Sci-Fi thriller tv show. I assume Babylon 5's new tv series will come in few weeks after Battlestar Galactica's last episode. Don't kill me with skeptical comments, it is just my opinion. However, it is overdue to have new Babylon 5 tv show! Crusade is my most disappointment, but it is not last one, Invasion and Surface were cut off before they can complete their story arc. Especially for Invasion, they cut us off at the end big time! Bottom line, I am addict to Babylon 5's story arc and its characters. :D

I can wait, but JMS need to fulfill my quench for more Bablyon 5 episodes! :)
I hope you're right. There could be more room in the Sci-Fi Channel budget once BattleStar concludes. They could free up more money for a quality series if they stopped making all those bad one-shot movies. I haven't seen one that held my interest long enough to watch the whole thing. (Am I alone on this or are the Sci-Fi Channel original movies just really bad?) Now their mini-series programming has been pretty stellar! Particularly the work they did with Dune.

Of course, The Lost Tales might be a way of testing the waters for more direct to DVD projects instead of a new series. That works for me, too.
Am I alone on this or are the Sci-Fi Channel original movies just really bad?
You are not the only one belive me. And yeah, most of them are really bad.
Not a great story line, but not one to knock off either. The use of Andreas' voice at the beginning was a very nice touch.