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Babylon 5:The Legend of the Rangers

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Firstly, this is a very cool name for a series...with just that, it would seem that the show would go on for a few seasons or more! Secondly, how many estimated fans of the old "Babylon 5" are there in the world!? Just curous! I wonder how many people it takes for a network to green light a pilot project to series!?! Ratings...I don't know how this works...Anyways, it sounds like a great series...it would be cool to get it on a major network again...WB...or FOX...or UPN...that would really bring the ratings up for sure! Well, that is all my friends...Looking forward to the airing date of the show! -Ghost R.-

Great to hear Raider...Friends at the SCI-FI channel...intersting! Sounds neat! Anyways, I think that this is the best Babylon 5 site on the internet. I like the layout...Keep up the great work guys! Ghost R.