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Babylon 5 The Gathering Turned 30

You are welcome!

SO apologies for the slow response, but shortly after posting that video I fell very ill.

QUESTION (Not that I expect anyone here knows much about how YouTube works.)

Has anyone ever heard of YouTube deleting views? That video had a view count over 600 on the first day, but by the next morning 545 views had been deleted. Now someone told me that Spotify will delete activity if the account gets greatly more activity than is normal for that User. So I assumed YouTube deleted the views because it was greatly more that the channel usually gets or they detected a bunch of Bot views or something. BUT then a few days later on Saturday night the view count was back up to 353 views and by the next morning the count had been reset to 321. As you can tell it hasn't recovered much in the week since then, but what is going on?! What is the point in posting a video if YouTube can just subtract view counts?! :wtf:

If anyone has an answer please let me know. Thank you!

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