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Babylon 5 / Sci-Fi Party


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There seem to be a lack of B5 conventions, my husband and I used to go to at least 2 B5 conventions a year, and even got married at a B5 con. But as the Babylon 5 series came to an end so did the conventions. We miss the associoation with like-minded people and all the fun we used to have.
So a small group of us are trying to arrange a party / get together primarily for the fans of B5 but also for fans of other sci-fi (Farscape, EFC, Stargate, Buffy, Star Trek and others not mentioned) to be held late this year or early next year.
We are in the early planning stages and are putting ideas together like party, drinks, food, fancy dress...We are aiming to hold about three parties a year depending on the sucess of the first event and on the demand.
Do you think this is a good idea?
Your ideas, comments & sugesstions are all welcome. If you would like to attend email your details to B5COUPLE@aol.com or b5.couple@amserve.net
We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in the near future.

Well, if you are in England that's great for you and everyone else there that can make it, but people like me who live in the U.S., Solaris in Canada, Kribu in Estonia, and others not in England wouldn't be able to make it.

But if you can swing something with other English B5 fans, then good for you! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
I think that there should be another con done at the Pomona Fairgrounds, in Cali....but that's only because I live -really- close. *chuckles*

I think that this would be pretty successful. The HL Fan Odyssey (it's been a yearly thing since 1999, I believe...started a year after the HL Celebration (which was an official con, and the last one to kick off the end of the show)) has been very successful.

Good luck to you! /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
*In the USA*

this would be a great thing to get together, and we may even have the ability to get some actors into it, if some of us in the US can manage to reach them. I say there should be at least 5 different ones of this, one in Cali, one in Florida, one in NY, one in middle America, and one in DC or Virginia. I would have to catch a flight to one if i wanted to go, and unlike some here, i never suggested my state as one of the places for one of these.
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<font color="yellow"> Originally posted by Ivanova: </font color>
I think that there should be another con done at the Pomona Fairgrounds....


When I first read that fast, I saw it as Pak'ma'ra Fairgrounds. Guess I just had a B5 moment. /forums/images/icons/blush.gif
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GShans said:

and unlike some here, i never suggested my state as one of the places for one of these.


I'm a poor college student (quite literally...and I know that it's cliched) and I couldn't get to a con that was out of state, or even, one that was in Northern California. That's one great thing about being close to LA: things are always happening. I would even try organizing a con if I had any idea how to do it...I'm always looking for people who are organizing one who need help. Um...but it's really cause I want to meet the people. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif I've heard some interesting con stories from some of my friends....things involving B5 actors, too.

Pak'ma'ra Fairgrounds? *cackles* I like that!!!

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