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Babylon 5 music



does anybody no any good sites where i can download b5 music?
and b5 bloopers?
thanks /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
I don't have an answer for you, but there must be a place, at least for bloopers. My brother in law gave me a cd he burned that had bloopers and gags on it. The "Londo/Londo Show" (Londo doing a dance number with a full-sized cardboard cutout of himself while singing "Me and My Shadow") and the "Narns & Noble" commercial for the Book of G'quan are a hoot! He also had some full episodes of B5 on it, from seasons that are not on VHS. I asked where he got it and he referred me to a B5 newsgroup called alt.babylon5. It didn't work for me. But good luck. Can't wait to see an answer in a post.
I don't think you will see any answers in a post, sorry.

JMS has made it perfectly clear any bloopers in circulation are bad, bad things. The only legit way to see them is to attend a convention when someone authorised to do this is showing them, or so I've heard.

In any case, either talking about sharing VHS copies of the bloopers or sharing information on how to get them from the net is against board policy here, and posting any direct links, should anyone know them, will have to result in removing the link and warning the person.


I do wish they put them, at least some of them, as extras on a DVD set... from what I've heard, they're hilarious. /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif
If you know how to search for most online material, you know how to find the B5 bloopers. If you download them without anyone earning money which doesn't belong to them, I cannot call it extremely wrong. I did it myself too.

Sure, it is against the rules. They are not authorized. I would never give anyone money for stealing something from its true authors. However, the bloopers are not available via legals means. Downloading them for free does no harm (uploaders will not earn), yet only increases my appreciation for the show and its makers.

Why? Because the bloopers are, despite low quality (bootleg copy) wonderful and hilarious, demonstrating a good sense of humor. For me the final question was: will I increase the harm (already done) by downloading them for free?

I concluded that I would not. Instead, I might decrease the harm. Because they would only increase my respect for all actors involved, ensure that should this material ever be published legally, I would be the first to acquire them legally.
I'm not arguing with that. But providing direct links here is still a big NO, whether anyone earns any money from distributing them or not.
also, you can download just the sound clips of the bloopers at The Down Below Sound Archive (haven't got the address on me, but it comes up in almost any search engine)
</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
Downloading them for free does no harm

This is not strictly true of course.

In response to this exact same issue over the unfilmed Crusade scripts (i.e. they are not available anywhere legitmately so what harm is there in sharing illegitimately), JMS' response was exactly what you would expect ... that these are still someone's intellectual property and copying is still stealing. He did, however, also make the point that if he wanted to make them available for sale in some format (and therefore make some money from them) sales potential has possibly been damaged by the availability of illegal copies. So in that case, financial harm would have been done albeit not immediately.

Aside from that, perhaps the bloopers have never been made available at the request of those taking part, the actors etc., or they are being held off to be included in a future DVD release or even as a stand-alone. If there are poor quality, illegal copies doing the rounds on the net WHV may well decide not to bother because they consider sales potential to have been compromised.

I have no desire to come across as a killjoy or anything, but I do not consider the issue to be as cut and dried as this. Sure, noone is losing money right now through sharing bootleg versions, but the potential is there for the future and, like it or not, the material is still copyrighted and sharing it is still stealing.

Just my $0.02.


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