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Babylon 5 mmo/Flight sim!


Not sure if this place is the best place to put it, But i had an idea.

A Babylon 5 game, based on the babylon 5 universe.
You'd play the role of (a) Pilot who after a couple of training missions you could fly with the current factions, and after a couple of others you can change to a new faction, perhaps after you have trained with that faction it'll be a matter of a cutscene to change faction.
The game play would be a flight sim mmo, you'd walk around in 3rd/first person on babylon five.
You'd be able to start escort missions or find them active in certain space systems and even hyper space (which is dangerous to fight in, but you can tail them out to their destination)
Other daily/weekly events would scale in size to planety attacks to major points in the story line ; for example a daily attack on a crippled omega destroyer raiders either attack or earth alliance defend, where a weekly would be an attack on babylon 5 or/and another earth alliance/raider space station (in the first patch)
other patches would open the amount of events and change them from planet defense the defense of narn etc.
Special events like the major points in the war that include white stars will have a random 5-10 people get to fly a white star for *that* mission only (the final shadow battle, the third space event or final battle for earth endgame)

Creators could allow players to summit events for addition.

Once the patches reach the story limits it can either move onto the novels or be a reason for more storylines to be written! ^_^

The Beta or first patch could start in season one with two faction choices to start with Earth alliance or Raiders.

As the game moves into release it can move into season two expanding the story to the narn and centari conflict unlocking both of them and other alien races in the league (who could defend veruses raiders like earth alliance or take a side in some minor narn/centari conflicts, a month before the patch or two months before will start the fall of Narn event which is scirpted to FAIL you will not be able to win as the narn or play as an attacker, earning points/etc by the time you manage to stay alive for and kills you earn during its defense.

Patch after that would be after the narn fall and the shadows start to move the narn would then be locked and more of the league unlocked major events for this time could be the shadow attacks and user content.

The next patch would be the into the fire major war period as a re-occuring event as the final battle for a good chunk of months even could be every say friday night and tuesday night with once a month third space event.

Then move into the End game/re-take earth storyline with players taking place in the joint task force the third space event can keep going during this period perhaps less fequently or be replaced by a weekly Severed dreams defense/attack mission placing players on random sides and awarded 5% more exp/money/income etc for attacking to keep people from leaving if they can't be the winner.
Next event before the 5th series story arc starts would be endgame etc.

Ships / Upgrades / Etc
You could earn two types of experience/upgrade points, Universal points at 100% and faction points at 20% as well as currency of the current race of the standard mission amount, but certain money can rise/fall based on players or the lack of players fall of narn/fall of centari prime would impact both drastically. (as during that time they are out of the picture you can't fly as them or buy their upgrades/goods to ship else where in escort missions)
So while the first patch has a major narn event you will earn 20% faction only experence and lots of narn currency post patch the money will take a dive as for an entire patch the race is unplayable/not intractable (or perhaps black market action/smuggling weapons in could take place.)
New ship types and upgrades would have to progress as the story did so you couldn't pilot a thunderbolt right off, an upgraded raider ship would have to be designed but other factions could still fly their stock millitary ships in raiding missions, but if they get caught it'll cost you perhaps cash and ground you for a short time with that faction.

Also escort missions you could start at babylon 5 to trade your currency/goods in the supply ship you have to escort to planet X (say narn) then shipments from planets would be at intervals not quite set but every hour ish, so raiders don't have to camp days to find something to raid, but don't know exactly when shipments will happen.
for players who don't raid perhaps a certain planet will give you the times of shipments in which you can ingame sell these to raiders if you choose to abandon your friends to wolves.
The same penalty if caught selling would have to apply as raiding its self short period unable to trade with that faction a fine, not sure how you'd detect it ingame or stop people from telling friends out side of the game.

Anyway these are just my jumbled thoughts and what i'd love to see, there are so many more ideas that could be added, your own raider space station which could be upgradable other races could have the space (but not b5 it'd be npc controlled and only upgrade as story allows)
There could also be "War week" where players not only follow the story but each faction/race makes an attack/push into systems destroying bases and building them for the period so less war mongering races like the minbari can attack people. (perhaps players could ingame vote the faction they'd like their faction to attack to mix it up)

I'm going to leave it there, as you can see the path it'd follow onward.
If content runs out the creators could loop in the case of an mmo or ask players their opinions of the best period for re-play or more story could be made for the game.

P.S ; if there is a better place for this to go feel free to move it there. ^_^
Thanks i'll have a look as i do love the babylon 5 mod for freespace 2.

I have a feeling we will never see a true babylon 5 game, But i'd love to see it a mix of freelancer and Eve (in flight sim controls)
I think it'd blow everyone away jumping into a game with so much back story, and of course i'd love to see the interest in my favorite scifi raise!

By the way if anyone had any other additional ideas for what i posted please add them i know its not likely to do anything but if there was a complete blue print for a game anyone with the drive could try to put it together since these are the days of outsourcing and kick starter games! ^_^