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Babylon 5 in Italy


New member
Sorry to everyone for my english but I am italian and I earn this language in school many time ago. In Italy we have see the pilot, second, four and five seasons.
You undestand that it is not the way to make a series on!
But in my country science fiction is not considered very well and so we have this way.
I make, with other friends, a club: Babylon 5 Italian Club and I make a site: www.babylon5.it.
Perhaps there are only in italian but if you want to make a visit...I am very glad!
Please tell me what do you think about.
I buy all the videotape in english to see all the series and also the tv-movie and the spin-off Crusade and I buy today the dvd collection...I want see all the series.
Do you have some special recorded to television?
I have also this!
Please tell me if you can recorder them to me and send: I pay any expensive do you have.
thank you to all.
Do you have some special recorded to television?
Welcome here, Bianca :)

Do you mean specials for television? (my first language isn't english either)
As far as i know, B5 had only 2 promotional TV documentaries: first is in the Season1 DVD set and other is TNT promo which didn't make to the Season5 DVD set.
Welcome to the board. :)

As others have said, the DVDs include nearly all B5 material that's available. I hope your B5 club grows. :)