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Babylon 5 DVDs



will the quality of the other seasons be better than season 1? just wondered if JMS mentioned it /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
well, can't say till we see it.

But yes. Not because warner will be making any better tranfsers. But simply because season 2 DOES HAVE better quality in film. There are probably less flaws in the original film, and hopefully it has survived better in storage than season 1 did, which naturally means it will look better on DVD. Though of course, it is still television film, not movie film, and so the film is never as high quality as a movie.
Though of course, it is still television film, not movie film, and so the film is never as high quality as a movie.

There is no such thing as "television film" or "movie film". There is just film. Different emulsions are used for different shots and lighting conditions, but basically it is all the same stuff. The main difference between TV and film is time, which is another way of saying "money". At TV show has 6 or 7 days to shoot 42 pages of script. A feature film may have 50 or 100 shooting days to get through a 100 page script. That means TV production does not allow for every light being adjusted just so, or scenes to be shot over and over again until they're perfect. 15 or 20 takes are not uncommon on movies (and this for just one shot from one camera angle, when most scenes are shot in a master, then close-ups for each speaking role.) In TV you may do 5 or 6, and then only if something goes wrong.

The fact that TV is intended to be distributed on a small screen by a relatively lo-res medium like broadcast/cable television means that sets, lighting, costume and make-up does not need to stand up to the kind of scrutiny that actual film projected on a 30 foot-high screen has to. So corners are cut. Doug Netter made a point of this kind of cost-cutting in pitching the show and creating the B5 production model.

So while most TV shows that are shot on film will never look as good as feature films, it isn't because of the quality of the cameras or the film stock used. (Obviously shows shot entirely or mostly on videotape are a whole different story.)


This would be the 21st time I've seen Joe "saintly" D. explain the film thing since I signed on... though no mention of aspect ratio this time! ;-)

Even on TV, I noticed that season one looks like it is much older and lower quality then the rest of the seasons.

I think that season 2-5 will have much better quality.
I noticed that too. Its just darker lit than the following seasons. At least that was always my impression...
Its just darker lit than the following seasons. At least that was always my impression...

It isn't your imagination. JMS has said that they originally went for a dark, gritty look for the show, but eventually decided it was too dark and brought their default camera settings up a full f-stop late in S1 or early in S2.


I haven't checked Amazon.com prices but since I live in Canada I was checking prices for Year One and came across chapters.indigo.ca and found the set listed for $76.51, Canadian funds.
I know Antony is committed to Amazon.com but this sale price seems very reasonable if anyone is interested.
Didn't want to start a new thread.
I found this at http://www.cheattoday.com/dvd/6240.htm

Hidden Promo Clip
Insert disc 6 of the set and from the [Main Menu] select [Special Features]. There, select the [Universe of Babylon 5]. In the following menu, select [Data Files] and in the sub menu that follows, highlight the menu entry that reads [Battle of the Line]. Now, press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control and the "%" logo will appear on the side of the screen. Press [Enter] and you will get to see a generic "Babylon 5" promo clip.

I'll have to wait until next month to try it but can anyone check if it works.
I certainly hope so although for my money I wasn't disappointed with s1 .My one hope is Mira Furlan and Micheal O'Hare will appear for s3.
it doesn´t seem to work for the r2 version.

No, the Easter egg is only on the R1 release. Presumably they had a little extra room on the disc because they didn't have to support as many language and subtitle tracks, and decided to throw something extra in. The trailer is just a short one for the series, rather than an individual episode.

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