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Babylon 5 changes

I think season four was fine the way it was, even if it was crunched with the original season five. The pace was up and there wasn't room for fluff stories and boring subplots.

But as for season five - I would have changed the following:

1 - Two words: No Lochley. It would have been interesting to see how Ivanova dealt with Marcus' death.

2 - Have the Londo/Draak arc start toward the beginning of the season and have the Centauri be a subplot throughout the whole season. G'Kar would be featured prominently in the storyline, but he would still become a religious icon on Narn towards the end.

3 - Have Garibaldi go back to being Chief of Security (Zack would remain a minor character) and have him stay on the wagon. Lise would move to B5 and join the cast on a regular basis. Garibaldi would retire at her insistence at the end of the season and they'd go back to Mars.

4 - Keep the telepath arc, but put it at the end of the season. The teeps should have been less hippyish and more conflicted. Also, Byron could have been just as conscientious without being so damn whiny. His martyrdom is essential, but the role should have been cast to a different actor. And putting this arc at the end could lead into a TV movie about the Telepath War and the series wouldn't have fizzled so much at the end.

5 - "Sleeping in Light" should have been expanded to a two-parter or movie to address the events of season five and foreshadow other things that happened in the meantime.

Seasons 2 & 3 were fine the way they were, but they should have included Sinclair in some of the subplots with the Rangers. His abrupt departure should not have gone explained in a few sentences.

In Season one, they could have started the Shadow arc a little sooner and cut out some of those episodes entirely (you know which ones). But like a lot of shows, the first season is the time for it to find its identity. And some of the early ones were a little Startrekky.

But all-in-all, I was never disappointed by the way the show was produced in the first place. It was the best show on TV at the time and I just wish it would get the chance to continue in some form sometime.
I would have considered keeping Ivanova and Markas for season 5, I would have let Garibaldi kick Bester's ass, I would have kept Na'Toth around the rest of the series, and I would have shown a scene with a bird making a nest in Morden's hair as his head sat on that pike on Centauri Prime. /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
RW, I think JMS brought Marcus in for the sole purpose of endearing everyone and then dieing. /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif
1. Have more Sinclair up to WWE 1&2
2. Found a way to keep Claudia
3. Have on air Garibaldi/Bester "closure"

Keep /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
Byron would have been killed before birth...

Ivonova would have taken controll of B5, instead of Lockley...she fly her happy butt into the sun for all I care...

I would have liked to see some more Vorlon things...
Definitely keep Ivanova. That's really the only major thing. The rest are just nits.

Eliminate the A-story from Grey 17 Is Missing and more of that B-plot.

Eliminate Grail, TKO, and some of the awkward bits in the beginning of season 2.

Eliminate Lochley's uniform (hee).

Some of the more hokey, sit-com-ish, clownish but awkward attempts at humor, like Ivanova's sex dance.

One of the telepaths- I don't care which one, but having two makes it unnecessarily confusing and clumsy.

All the singing by Franklin's junky girlfriend.
What do you mean Season 1 was too startrekky? I loved season 1 more than 5 and about the same as 2, not as much as 3 or 4.

There wasn't one mediocre episode in B5...sure TKO is frowned upon, but IIRC it had a good B-story and it developed some more of Garibaldi's character. and I could probably name a half dozen episodes in season 5 that I'd consider mediocre. But even mediocre B5 is still way better than some of the other stuff thats out there like Voyager.

Mostly the Sheridan stuff. As others have pointed out, there was not transition between commanders. The whole thing with his sister and him getting used to the new job- it just puts a damper on the momentum of the show.

If you watch it right after the end of season 1, which heightens the suspense and excitement, this stuff is a bit of let-down. It takes a few eps for it to get back on track.

I suppose there is the same problem with season 5- after all the hullabaloo with Clark, Edgars, and the Shadows, it's hard to start caring about a bunch of lame-ass telepaths. There is another period of "adjustment."
Exactly. Just like there was no need for Kyle. Lyta and Kyle mysteriously disappeared. End of story. I would rather have seen more of Talia's advancement as a telekinetic from what Ironheart gave her.

I would have rather seen Lyta in seasons 1 and 2, that would be the big change I would make along with keeping Ivanova in season 5.

I would like to have seen Sinclar a few more times before War Without End too.

I would have been cool to see the lady who settled the dock workers strike in "Any Means Nessisary"
I would've liked to see Garibaldi's niece from "Survivors" a few more times. :);-):)

I would've liked to see what happened to Catherine Sakai, I would have liked to see Garibaldi mention Sinclair's name at the table in SiL....I would have liked Sinclair to stay longer..I would have liked G'Kar to get a replacement for Na'Toth...he was the only main ambassador without an aid thruout the whole show.

Not true, RW. Talia could of hung around as the station's teep, and Lyta could be Kosh's teep. They could of hated each other and thrown insults back and forth for a few seasons. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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