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Babylon 5 Chainmail Trivia


Beyond the rim
The rules are simple

1. The trivia contest is limited to Babylon 5 Seasons 1-5 AND the Movies. You can ask Q's such as "Which B5 lead also starred/cameoed in (different show)?" but nothing further about the other projects.

2. In order for your answer to count, it MUST be accomanied with another Question to keep the chain going.

3. To keep the confusion to a minimum, let's limit it to 2 open questions at a time.

4. Posting format using the example above:

Q: Melissa Gilbert guest starred on Babylon 5 as who?

A: Anna Sheridan

NQ: Name the three people who commanded Babylon 5.
(continuing from the example above)

A: Jeffrey Sinclair, John Sheridan, Elizabeth Lockley.

NQ: Who was Minbari not born of Minbari?
A: Carolyn Sanderson

New Q: What was the name of the creature that Sheridan sees attacking him in his quarters, in "Knives"?
A cop.

NQ: In "Comes The Inquisitor" Sebastian hints that he is what figure from Earth history?
A: Jack the Ripper
NQ: What group did Delenn's mother join?
A: The Sisters of Valeria
NQ: What was the name of the alien who controlled the Great Machine on Epsilon 3 before Draal?
A: Mathematics.
NQ: Name which Omega class ships joined Sheridan after battle of Proxima 3.
A: Star Riders
NQ: What regulation number does Sheridan quote to Mr. Lantz from the Ministry of Peace after blowing the Centauri vessel "straight to hell"?
Well, seems I almost killed the thread. The answer is the most used random number on TV... I'll make the next one easy. And more relevant.

A: 47.
NQ: What horrible alcoholic beverage is advertised in the background of season 1?
Well, he introduces himself as John Demeter, if you can trust that.

Okay, here's a wacky question that I know the answer to, but don't understand how it could be true:
Which are longer, Narn light Years, or Earth light years?

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