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Babylon 5 autographs


Awhile back while going thru my B5 collection, I realized why should I keep my collection tucked away in a dark closet to only open it up now and then to make sure it was still ok. I got the idea to frame the B5 autographed profile cards I had, together in one frame. Along with the Sleeping in Light cd. I did the same for the TNT postcards. I have one hanging in my dinning room and the other in my bedroom. Now, everyday I am reminded of the show that brought so much joy to my world. And try as I might I still cant let go of Babylon 5 and all it means to me. Does that make me a scifi geek ? I think they turned out pretty good. please let me know what you think. Links below.




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Wow! That is awesome! I should post my "collection" as well. (One piece)
That is a very cool collection. I myself have no B5 items but the series DVD's. And the only autographs I have are not B5 related, but Wheel of Time related. Been slacking, sorry.

Good you have them, Dencor. Very nice!
Awesome Job Dennis.

All I have is the Books, the DVDs and most of the first two or 3 waves of the 9 inch posable figures, and alot of the smaller figures. No autographs (Except a Vegas Gathering of a prior board, before S5 even aired, signed by the posters of the board that went).
my collection (pretty dire i'm afraid)

All DVDs

2 x piccys signed - 1 x Claudia & 1 x Mira.

countless magazines - including SFX (boo....), Starburst & the B5 Magazines.

The Shadow within
To dream in the city of sorrows.

Technomage Trilogy..

Earth Alliance Uniform & Badge & command Pin. (bought in Blackpool) I cant quite remember but I think it was made by Janet Lawn (?) costumes - fit me then - no chance now tho.. hasnt lasted that well either.
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