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B5LR to shoot in Vancouver, Canada


<font color="#ffffff" size="+1"><a name="987028038">B5LR to shoot in Vancouver, Canada</font>
<font size="3" face="arial">Plus we have the all-important start date</font> <font color="silver" size="-2">(posted at 17:27PST)</font>

My source has told me that Monday May 14 is the day that Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers will commence principle photography. Filming will take place in Vancouver, Canada.

I've also got some other interesting information, including who the "fan favorite" is that J. Michael Straczynski mentioned previously. That will appear soon, so keep checking back to www.B5LR.com for all the news!

Please note that the above news has not been officially announced, and should be treated as you would any rumor until that time.

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