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B5LR footage announcement tonight?


<font size="+1">B5LR footage announcement tonight?</font>
<font size="3">Plus content will only be available for a few hours!</font>

The hype machine will be in full swing today, when SCI FI Channel is expected to announce its first B5LR secret web address. To make matters worse, SCI FI Wire reports that the content will only be online for a few hours.

You can find out more information in our previous news item.

If anyone gets the web address, I'd appreciate being emailed at antony@b5lr.com so that I can report on it for the masses!

Insipid RealPlayer POS ... I got broadband but all I can see is pixelated blurry CRAP. Someone will be my friend for life if they can hook me up with a downloadable version of this.

I'm unable to register at scifi.com. They won't send a confirmation number. Maybe too bogged down or something. It'd be great if someone could post the link for the trailer, even if it is in horrible real media format. Thanks in advance to anyone so kind.

I just managed to see the trailer... the quality wasn't too bad (for RP). But when I tried to watch it again it told me the file was gone... so maybe I just squeaked in.

Looks pretty good... too bad all the Minbari have weak bone structure. Cappy isn't too hard on the eyes though


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