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B5LR.com news items are officially confirmed


<font size="+1">B5LR.com news items are officially confirmed</font>
<font size="3">Director, fan favorite and start date are all correct</font>

Sci Fi Wire yesterday ran a news item announcing some of the details for B5LR, confirming the news we've brought to you recently at B5LR.com.

As you know, we have recently published news about the fan favorite, location and date of shooting and the director of the project. The article at Sci Fi Wire confirms all of these details.

A few people have asked me why my news was used without credit at their site. Well they probably didn't steal my information, but I was admittedly shocked, especially as I'd submitted all this news to them previously. Sci Fi Wire explained to me that they ran the official news from the Sci Fi Channel, and not my news.

But this is really good news, because it shows that they will only run confirmed news regarding B5LR. In doing this they have, of course, confirmed my news items. One thing about being a new site is that you don't know if you can trust me. I could be sitting here making it all up for all you know! The fact that the above news items are all correct will hopefully show you that I bring you trustworthy news.

Thank you for everyone's loyalty so far, I hope this shows you that the loyalty was worth it.

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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