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b5 widescreen



i believe that in america you can get b5 the widescreen edition on video

but what i want to know is can you get it in the uk ??? i would like to see it in its real format cos the normal version looks stretched and weird .
on my tv i have a zoom facility and i set it to 16:9 and i watced b5 on sci fi uk and it looked more defined .
i am also doing a website (check in my profile) and i need ppl to submit their artwork for a new up to date b5 site if ne1 wants to submit any pics
e me @ admin@babylonfive.net

if the moderator doesnt like me "advertising " like this im sorry im not advertising i just need some assitstance


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I think the only thing that is probably in wide-screen is the upcoming DVD. The videos were all from a few years back. I'm assuming they're in the regular television aspect ratio.

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yeah wait for the DVDS.

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