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B5 Weapon upgrades... GROPOS


When B5 was upgraded, I wonder why they didn't put any of the weapons available on the cruisers, like the bean weapon, ok so it would be useless against snub fighters, but it might come in handy should a cruiser get to close. Maybe they have a little too much kickback on them, it would be annoying to have to reposition B5 on it's axis everytime you fired the darn things. Think of poor old Mr Morden's doppleganger having a bad hair day!
i don't think a bean or beam weapon would have any kickback. It is a good question. The only thing i can think of is that they want it armed but not that armed.
But surely that position would have changed during season 2, Clarke wanted it to give the impression of being a military outpost. He wanted it armed to the teeth.
maybe it has to do with power issues. b5 has to power lots of stuff maybe it doesn't have enough umph for those kinds of weapons. This is me talking out of my butt (|)

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