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B5 UK convention


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Hi Guys,

I'm putting together a small Uk convention (potentially Manchester) we are not for profit and fan run so the tickets will be cheap and any money we make after the venue cost goes on the guests and the fans, we are trying to get as many people as possible involved so that we can make it a great experience. I have Jason Carter (Marcus) in the line up to come but obviously we need as many people as possible to show interest to make it worth his while and ours !

If you use Facebook please get involved here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1496823903666285/ you can Also email me and il keep you updated.


With respect, I think it's best to keep it to 'Jason Carter has expressed an interest' until you've got an actual contract.

Yeah he's in the pipeline and expressed interest but obviously as I said can only come if we get a lot of people involved.

I should also say we can get discount on hotels etc with the more people we have coming. So by all means spread the word.



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