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B5 - Thirdspace


What do you think about this move? I liked it very much :p The mysterious ancient alien race left me a very big impression, because only they have energy shields, that protect their ships and their artifact :cool: But the artifact was destroyed to soon, even before the bigger ships came in, that's a bit pitty :( Lyta said that they destroyed thousands of races in their own universe, so there is more than one universe?? :confused: And how did the artifact got into this universe then, huh? :rolleyes:
I also like Thirdspace as well. Unfortunately I think we are in a very small minority. :(

Back to the world of lurkers. :cool:
The artifact was built by the Vorlons in an attempt to reach a higher plane of reality or something like that.They wanted to meet God and become Gods.

Yes there is more than one dimension of reality.Not sure if Hyperspace counts as one as well.

If the big ships had gotton through there would be no stopping them.The Vorlons in all their might only just managed to turn them back.

Welcome to B5 anyway,have fun :beer:
lyta said: "we resolve to restore the gate of heaven itself. " This means the gate was not build by the varlons :) Yeah, but I would like to see what their big ships are capable of :p
Thnx for a warm welcome :D
I liked Thirdspace as well. It was a nice chance to see our Season 4 cast members again, the FX were top notch, and I liked how Chris Franke produced a sweeping and ominous score for the picture rather than merely recycling the usual themes (Much like "Sleeping in Light" has it's own unique musical score). As a pure Lovecraftian creature fest with things blowing up and women throwing punches, it satisfied my popcorn craving. :beer:
lyta said: "we resolve to restore the gate of heaven itself. " This means the gate was not build by the varlons :) Yeah, but I would like to see what their big ships are capable of :p
Thnx for a warm welcome :D

Correction: Lyta said, " We resolved to STORM the gates of Heaven itself".

This quote is another example of JMS returning to the very earliest inspiration for Babylon 5:

In the Hebrew scriptures, a high tower was built in Shinar (Babylonia) by a united humanity to reach the heavens. Because the hearts of men were said to be inherently evil and disobedient, they were striving to make a name for themselves instead of worshipping the God who created them. In response to this open defiance, God stopped their efforts by confusing languages so that no one could understand each other. As a result, they could no longer communicate and the work was halted and the builders were then scattered to different parts of Earth. The myth may have been inspired by a tower temple located north of the Marduk temple and known as Bab-ilu (“Gate of God”).

The ruins of the ancient city of Babylon can be found in the city of Al Hillah, in modern-day Iraq, in the province of Babil, approximately 60 miles south of the city of Baghdad.

The Moral of the Story:

Don't knock, knock on Heaven's door unless you're invited.
Actually I've always seen that particular Bible story to be one of hidden wisdom. God makes the point that if mankind isn't slowed down, then nothing he plans will be impossible.

Most people would argue that such interference on the part of God is intolerable.... however when you look back at history, can you imagine what may have happened if man's technological understanding had not been hampered and say for example bronze age despot kings had got their hands on the bomb?

What might seem like an oppressive holding his child back from progress... could also be seen as an act of mercy to hold us back from toys we weren't big enough to play with yet... heck... are we big enough today even?
Thirdspace was an excellant film and as some argue about an intro to B5 I think is another good way.It gives nothing away apart from Lyta having been touched by the Vorlons.

Yes the Vorlons rose above themselves.

As an aside,the builders of The Tower of Babel were struck down with the inabilty to communicate,could this sort of punishment of stopped the Vorlons communicating with the Shadows?It was about a million years in the past.When exactly did the divisions between the Older Races begin and was it the fault of the Vorlons?

Never trusted them encouter suited gits that much anyway.Anyone with a holier than thou attitude always attracts my suspiscion.
Yes but we had encounter suits in the end :)

I believe some of the visual designs in DoFS are visual signifiers as to mans eventual political stance. The energy form is very much like Lorien, yet we still use encounter suits... and fly vorlonesque craft. My guess is that we end up as nurturing parent as opposed to controlling parent. Taking an authoritive stance with younger races but not forcing them to comply to an ordered existence... instead choosing to guide them as a mentor.
I blame the Vorlons for everything.

Minbari,Vorlon bum lickers.

Centauri,ok influenced by the Shadows but they knew how to party.Know what I'd sooner be.
No, the best is the fight between Ivanova and Dr. Trent. Even if it doesn't last very long. :LOL:
I liked the battle between assault fleet and the aliens ships very much :) when Sheridan was flying towards artifact I shivered, imagininig myself in his place :]