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B5 The Lost Tales News

Jan just posted this ver at the JMSnews board:

Here’s the news in the order JMS gave it at the panel. I’m posting it pretty much simultaneously to the moderated newsgroup and to JMSNews.

--JMS sold a movie to Ron Howard. It’s a thriller/mystery movie set in the ‘20s in Los Angeles. They want to get it into production as fast as possible and JMS is flying up there on the 3rd to meet with Ron Howard and those guys to go over the script and make sure everything is where it needs to be. It’s going to be a big budget film. Ron Howard is a nice guy. The first time JMS had a phone conference with him about the script, JMS called him Mr. Howard and the reply was “You hired my dad on Babylon 5, you can call me whatever you want.” Possibly it could be in production by the first part of next year.

--JMS was up in Toronto recently and they did a 12 episode radio drama series for the CBC called the Adventures of Apocalypse Al. It’s kind of a film noir style comedy drama science fiction supernatural series a la Men In Black or Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s in little 5 minute chunks and it’s fall-down funny.

--A pilot for Touchstone has started for a dramatic prime time network series called Borrowed Lives. It was actually sold last year but it was too late to go into development but now they’re actually in the script stage.

--Rising Stars is in development with Sam Raimi’s production company for a series.

--Midnight Nation is being bid on by two different studios for a movie.

--He pitched Dream Police to a major studio, they want to do a motion picture and they’re negotiating now for JMS to write it.

--And there’s something else…WB came to him as they do periodically wanting to do something with B5. They asked if he wanted to do a feature film but JMS declined mainly because he can’t yet picture structuring a B5 movie “…as long as Andreas and Rick insist on staying dead.” Maybe in a year or two he’ll be able to but right now he can’t do something big. What JMS suggested was a bunch of short films—little mini-movies, an anthology show set in the Babylon 5 universe. They said, “Okay.” There’s a network already interested in carrying them but they’re also planned for direct to DVD. This will be “Babylon 5 – The Lost Tales", a lot of small stories that never made it into the series that he’s rediscovered notes for. And JMS wants no interference, complete creative support – in writing. They said, “Okay.” And JMS wants to direct them. They said, “Okay.” The first will be three individual stories about three of the main characters (to be determined). The plan is to shoot in September, post-production Oct.-Dec. and they’ll probably come out the second quarter of 2007.

I’ll attempt more of a transcript later on but that’s the highlights.


I'm excited on SOOOOOO many levels. :beer:

I'm sorry, I jiust couldn't take that very non-descriptive "Jumpin' Jesus!" anymore. It keeps popping up everytime someone replies. Joe
Re: Jumpin\' Jesus!

As Popeye the Sailor would say, Well blow me down!
Thanks for posting this, I was hoping something might show up here this soon!
Re: JMS\'s news

I'm going to suggest that this discussion be continued in the thread that Jan started. in the other forum. Not to criticize anyone's enthusiasm (look at the thread-starter's name for Pete's sake ;)), but I refrained from cross-posting the news here myself, even though Jan had given me permission in an e-mail, because I thought the honor should go to her. Then I came here and fond we'd both been scooped. :D

Anyway, I do think the post over-all belongs more in the other forum than in this one. When we have some more concrete information on the new mini-movies, e'll start separate thread on them.


Re: JMS\'s news

Actually, I think you beat me here B5O and I don't mind a bit. I just didn't notice your post until I'd done my own.

Hey, there can't be too much good news, can there?

Re: JMS\'s news

Interesting news, especially the last point.
Thanks for relaying. :)

I hope the plan they discussed folds out nicely.
Re: JMS\'s news

Actually, I think you beat me here B5O and I don't mind a bit. I just didn't notice your post until I'd done my own.

Hey, there can't be too much good news, can there?


I can see why you might overlook the title "Jumpin' Jesus!" ;)
Oops! Okay, I'm on my way over there. That's very nice of you folks but I assure you, quite unnecessary. It's not my news, it's JMS's.


See note re: Thread Title in Original Post. Nothing Else has been altered. - Joe
More recent stuff from JMS on B5TLT:

Tobias Ussing wrote:
> As far as i can see it only says "the first" will be three episodes, about
> three different characters. Each episode will be 20 minutes.


> Which might read to a pessimist that it will be a dvd with one hour of
> material.

No, it's closer to one-half-hour per story, so figure about 75-90 minutes per DVD, plus additional material adding up to a two-hour DVD.

Anyone hear anything about casting yet?

No. They just made the deal, and they won't be meeting on casting, etc. for a couple of weeks. (As JMS noted in his talk.) There is practically zero chance that we'll hear anything about casting until contracts are signed anyway, because the actors are constrained by Hollywood protocol with regard to roles much as JMS is with regard to scripts - the studio or the network usually gets the make the announcement first and then everybody else can talk.


Anyone hear anything about casting yet?

LOL, we are an impatient bunch, aren't we. Give us a kernal, and we want the whole darned ear all at once. With JMS' hard stance in the past that the original actors get the parts, I'm sure we can assume, once we know who it features, that the B5 star we know and love will play the lead.
Anyone hear anything about casting yet?

LOL, we are an impatient bunch, aren't we.

I thought the exact same thing. :LOL:

It is wonderful news. I can kind of see how JMS is sort of not reacting to it, yet. Too much, too soon.

The poor guy is probably hoping this isn't the ultimate cliche storyline: and that he'll wake up from a dream now. :eek:

It will be interesting to see which of the many projects that are flooding his way are chosen.
I’ve been a little down lately. Recently, real life decided to give me a swift kick in the caboose and I just wasn’t handling it very well. It was significant enough of a hit to send me reeling and I’ve been in hiding licking my wounds ever since.

Tonight I decided to peek out of this little hole just to see if I could spot any rainbows left in my world. When I did, I saw family and friends still there, at least the prospect of life after a major caboose kicking…and now news of The Lost Tales.

Given that I am so blessed to have everything that I love and need, AND something that I was hoping for, there’s really only one thing left to say…”WooHoo”! ;)
Thanks, guys...that was sweet of you both. I wish I had one of those little heart emoticons, I'd put one right here if I did.

I honestly didn't mean to drag us off-topic, but a few posts back someone mentioned how they give us a little and we want a lot, and being hungry for anything B5...reading there was going to be more did wonders for me.

I think that I even would have happy just hearing there was a chance for more, but given it appears that it's more than a "chance", I decided to run with it emotionally and see if I couldn't snap out of this.

Okay...going back in my hole now to re-assess the situation, but please, carry on...give a girl something interesting to read, 'kay? :)

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