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B5 Stickers



I have 3 types of B5 stickers. One is the blue Earth Alliance logo with a metallic silver border. One is the stylized "5" in metallic gold with a black border. And the last is the B5 shield emblem with the sword through the center. This one is about 4 or 5 inches long.

I was just hoping one of you could provide apporximate values for these stickers as they (especially the last one) are very hard to find.

I see no one can answer your question.

Why not put them up on Ebay and just see what happens?

Or does Ebay require you to set a minimum?
Could you post any digipics of them, either hosted on a site, or attached (if they're small enough)? PM me if you want me to make some small file size pics for you from your digipics.

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