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B5 song written by us


I thought we could all contribute to a song about Mollari and B5. We can each contribute a line or two. I have had this opening running through my head for years. Maybe you guys can help me finish it. It is to the tune of Dean Martin's Volare. You can find the original lyrics here http://www.seeklyrics.com/lyrics/Dean-Martin/Volare.html

Of course it would start like this

Mollari, Oh oh oh oh
Centauri Oh oh oh oh

Can anyone come up with the next line or two?
Mollari, Oh oh oh oh
Centauri Oh oh oh oh
Your hair stands up the most
So lets give it a toast

Hehe that is the first thing that came to my mind.
I was wondering if anyone would go along with this. Thanks for contributing Zarto :)

I think your second line needs an extra word to make it go with the beat so lets try.

Mollari, Oh oh oh oh
Centauri Oh oh oh oh
Your hair stands up the most
So lets all give it a toast

Dellen's cute for Minbari, in purple you're stunning
Vir a mooned face assassin of joy...

I might have put an extra syllable in each of the new lines but I think I like it!
"Our fleet will fly way up in the sky,"
"Our mass-drivers will make those Narns die,"
"Mollari, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhh,"
"Centauri, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!"
"Mollari, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhh,"
"Centauri, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!"

"He likes to gamble,he likes to drink"
"And he rarely bothers about anything"

"Londo spreads joy to Babylon 5"
"But for people around him it's hard to survive"

"He wants the glorious days to return"
"And let the rest of the galaxy burn":)
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I just thought of some new lyrics for the song:

"Londo likes watching dancers all night"
"And his poker games sometimes end with a fight"

"The narns have destroyed the Ragesh 3 base"
"So Londo got angry and enslaved their race"

"Mollari, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhh,"
"Centauri, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!";)
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Oooh I liked that last one. So we have Londo drinking, looking at women, mistreating Vir and killing Narn. Now if only we could work Mr. Morden in.
I'm happy you like it jnk5y.I thought about some Morden lyrics:

"Londo and Morden made a dark deal"
"He thought it's game but it was all real"

"Vir has been warning him for a long time"
"But the price was paid by Centauri Prime"

"Morden is never walking alone"
"He's mean, he's cruel, he's bad to the bone";)
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