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B5 - Season 1 - 5 Correct Viewing Orders


I was just watching the S5 DVD and noticed "Day of the Dead" was in a different place than was listed on the Lurkers Guide. I dug up an old thread started by Ninja Squirrel about it. It seems the DVDs have things in the order episodes first aired, instead of perhaps intended or production order. KoshN (and a couple others) made some valid points as to WHERE "Day of the Dead" should actually be. See below:


Season Five ("Wheel of Fire")
89 502 No Compromises
90 503 The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
91 504 The Paragon of Animals
92 505 A View from the Gallery
93 506 Learning Curve
94 507 Strange Relations
95 508 Secrets of the Soul
97 509 In the Kingdom of the Blind
98 510 A Tragedy of Telepaths
99 512 Phoenix Rising
100 513 The Ragged Edge (This is the correct order.)
96 511 Day of the Dead (This is the correct order.)

101 514 The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father
102 515 Meditations on the Abyss
103 516 Darkness Ascending
104 517 And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
105 518 Movements of Fire and Shadow
106 519 The Fall of Centauri Prime
107 520 Wheel of Fire
108 521 Objects in Motion
109 522 Objects at Rest
110 523 Sleeping in Light (2281), the Babylon 5 Series Finale.


The logic being Londo and G'Kar being off station from Strange Relations to The Ragged Edge --- which makes sense. Ninja Squirrel mentioned that the DVDs did not try to "correct any other errors in Seasons 1 through 4" but rather kept everything to original air dates (an understandable way to do things on WB's part, and they kept consistent). But that got me wondering.

ARE there other episodes in which the air dates were different slightly from the "Intended Order?" I realize air dates get mixed up sometimes due to ratings sweeps and special events sometimes, but I was curious if there were other such changes.

Can someone post the, as far as anyone can tell, "100% correct, the show should be viewed in this order" order for Season 1 through 4?


why not this order:

93 506 Learning Curve
96 511 Day of the Dead
94 507 Strange Relations


EDIT. and btw, "Intended Order" and "Correct Order" are two completly different things.
I have never quite got over the suspicion that 'Day of the Dead' occured in the middle of 'The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father'. Garibaldi would have 3 Psi Cops to suspect of playing with peoples minds.

Could be. Not really sure thats why I asked. :) I also asked because I seem to remember something about an episode near the end of Season 3 being aired slightly different from where it was supposed to. Dont remember for sure...
I remember something about Walkabout also. At one point, I believe there was a later episode that was aired before Walkabout, or perhaps an episode that should have come before Walkabout was shown after it.
Biggest discrepancy I know of is having "Legacies" before "Babylon Squared" in Season 1. Delenn gets the triluminary in B2, and uses it in Legacies to freeze the guards -- but in airing order, and on the DVDs, she uses the triluminary before she gets it as Legacies comes just before B2.
There are other, smaller, discrepancies.

In Knives, in S2, Sheridan's alien induced vision for loss is seeing the Icarus explode in space. The problem is that this is shown after In the Shadow of Zha'Dum when he learns that isn't what happened. Ideally (relative to continuity) those two eps should switched.

In S1 there is a line of dialog in a tag scene where Sinclair says that he has to prepare for the negotiations that appeared to have concluded in previous episode (Born to the Purple) when Londo accepted Sinclair's compromise in exchange for help with his Purple files. That one can be passed off as negotiations having been re-opened for other reasons, though.

why not this order:

93 506 Learning Curve
96 511 Day of the Dead
94 507 Strange Relations
A point of logic against my original post order, and the one above. I believe the one above is probably more correct...having DotD be before Strange Relations. The reason being is in Phoenix Rising, and in The Ragged Edge, Garibaldi is diving in pretty hard back into his drinking habit. If DotD was after The Ragged Edge, that would have come through in Day of the Dead...and it did not. Therefore I believe it would HAVE to come before he started drinking again, and BEFORE Londo and G'Kar left (They were gone from Strange Relations and just arriving back in The Ragged Edge). So I guess seeing Day of the Dead after Learning Curve is pretty much on the mark afterall...
I think, the best source of information about this topic is this site: B5 Timeline.
But read carefully! There are spoilers.