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b5 on 32" flat screen lcdtv

Very nice!

Reminds me of a thread somebody tried a while back, post a picture of your TV playing B5. I was looking through one of the cards for my camera and came accross the pictures I had taken.

I remember when I had my 36” CRT I though that the B5 dvd’s looked quite ropey but a few months ago I picked up a 40” HD LCD and a upscalling player and man all I can say is wow. My girlfriend and I recently sat through all of Buffy and Angel and I have to say B5 S1’s live action footage wiped the floor with those two in terms of quality. Although we have just started S2 the quality does not seem as good.
I've had my Samsung 56in. DLP HD TV for almost two years now. B5 looks great on it. There is some variation in quality from ep to ep. Some are more amazing than others, but none look bad. HD TVs that deliever a progressive picture, that is to say 720p, or 1080p, generally do better that 1080i native displays, with 480i SD material.

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