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B5 oil painting

My brother, die-hard Trekkie that he is, knows how much I love B5.
So he got an artist friend of his to do a B5 oil painting for me as my 21 st birthday present.

It's quite magnificent and I'd like to share it with this board.

Anyone willing to host 2 pictures of the painting for a few days. The file size is less than 100Kb. Thanks
I can too if need be


Happy Birthday btw
Here was the email i was sent, with the pics:

"The first picture is taken with a flash to show the OIL in the oil
painting. The second is taken with out the flash. There hasn't been any
image manipulation apart from downsizing the image from 1024 x 768 to
640 x 480 pixels, cos I didn't want to crash your email account. The
original files are 150Kb each.

My brother doesn't know much about B5 and he did this all in secret so
I'm quite glad he got the right picture. It's similar to the cover of
Chris Franke's first soundtrack cd. The frame however was chosen by me.

To give a sense of scale the top frame width is 1 metre / inside
painting width is 1 yard (from my sketchy knowledge of Imperial)

It's not perfect but it's mine and I love it."

and of course, the links:
i wish it was mine

so what do you want for next year, a Shadow cruiser, or a montage of yourself in a Ranger uniform?
man that looks great, though i wish i could see the 1024x768 views.

mind emailing 'em to me? (don't worry, it'll come nowhere near to crashing my email account, probably take 12 seconds to download both)


i'll go ahead and host em for anyone else who wants to see the big pics.
Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I think the ultimate piece of B5 artwork would be a 4 foot Bronzed model of the station which we saw in a couple of episodes.

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