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Is there any chance that they will release special editions of all of the B5 movies including The Gathering/In The Beginning?

Well, there's always a chance that pretty much anything will happen as long as it's physically possible. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

The release of the movies, and the form that release takes, will depend - like everything else related to B5 on DVD - on the sales of the first season boxed set. So I don't think we'll hear anything about them for awhile. (The one possible exception is a release of Legend of the Rangers outside the U.S., in countries where the film was never aired. There have been rumors of such a release in both Australia and the U.K., but nothing definite.)

If sales are good for the season sets, I think the odds are reasonably good that Warner will release the rest of the TV movies, possibly in special editions. There probably won't be that much SE content available, though. Unlike feature films, TV movies don't routinely have crews running around shooting "behind the scenes" mini-documentaries that will air on HBO, Showtime or Fox in order to promote their debut. The best a special edition could probably offer would be interviews and commentary tracks, and maybe some text-based features, like analysis from The Lurker's Guide or JMSNews posts. All of that would depend on people having the time/inclination to participate, and creating or acquiring the rights to the text-based stuff. I doubt there are piles of outakes, deleted scenes or alternate endings - the usual fodder of theatrical film SEs. I certainly hope they consider rereleasing The Gathering and In the Beginning as SEs, this time with DD 5.1 sound remixes and JMS commentary tracks. I would consider them well worth buying all over again with that. If the episodes do well and the other TV movies do well (and have similar features), I can easily see Warner Home Video do this.

The double-feature release was very deliberately created as a "test disc", and done as cheaply as possible, and run off in relatively small quantities. At the time the Powers that Be at WHV were very uncertain about B5's appeal on DVD (and about TV series in general. B5 was the non-animated TV show that Warner Bros. ever released on VHS in the U.S., and the B5 disc was the first non-animated TV title they ever released on DVD.) That disc sold well enough to justify their investing considerably more money to bring S1 to the market. If S1 also does well, it would make perfect business sense for WHV to try to sell an improved version of the first two movie releases to fans and collect even more money. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

(As a matter of fact, I mentioned exactly this idea in a letter to Warner Home Video several years ago, when I suggested that they release the two movies as a bare-bones double-feature disc to "test the waters" if they were unsure that there was enough of a market for B5 on disc to make a releaes worthwhile. I can't claim that they did what they did because of that letter, but I have been amused to see that almost everything I've asked for in a B5 DVD release over the years is being offered on the S1 set - down to and including commentary tracks by JMS on two of the episodes I had named as needing them. So I can only hope that the coincidence will continue and that they'll reissue the first two movies as SEs. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif)



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