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B5 movie set (R2 area)


Yay! Now I must confess that I'm kinda confused. You know, in R2 they postponed it's release until 28/02/2005. Ok, that doesn't matter me, since I bought the R1 version which contains all five movies. So, you did knew this already, right? Now comes the interesting part:

I was wondering around the net, and ended up on Sandrew Metronome's website, it's local (Finnish) movie distributor etc. That company owns movie theaters and is responsible for a majority of DVD releases in Finland. Ok, and what did I found out? They're releasing B5 movie set in R2 area here, in Finland, where nothing B5 related haven't been released 15/10/2004, in this month? May I ask now... whatta heck? Universal R2 release date is 28/02/2005? Why in heck this movie set is becoming available in Finland now? They haven't released any seasons etc. here, that just sounds SO wierd to me. I mean, they're releasing movies now, and the rest of the Europe will get those like almost half year later? Why? How?
This is great news, also the price for the box is not bad either; only about 30-35e

It seems German DVDs are also released in October and specs also include Finnish subtitles so they're the same discs. French DVDs are coming on November. And i'm sure most of The Europe will get their releases also during october-november.

The French and Germans seem to get all movies as seperate single disc releases while The Finnish box seems to have the 3 movies in 1 package.

Also German Season 5 box is available for preorder on amazon.de for november. So it seems they're only holding back the British release for some weird reason.

Could it be that they've decided to include all 5 movies to the British box instead? And have a seperate release there.

Since proparbly the main reason for not getting The Gathering Special Edition on DVD in most parts of Europe is that it would have required making new dub for it since as far as I know: The Gathering Special Edition has never been broadcasted in any European channel nor released as any localized VHS.
If the British get own release, there would be no need for making the dub.