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B5 Movie Rumor Finally Hits Aint it Cool News

Hey folks, they've finally posted the rumor over at AICN.
There's nothing really new. Just the stuff we already know.
Perhaps a spy ay Warner's will post in but maybe not.

As usual, the talkback sections are full of the usual B5 Rules/B5 Sucks/JMS Rules/JMS Sucks posts. Not to mention a reference to B5 fans as a couple dozen burger flippers (paraphrased).

Why not go sign up and post over there for B5?
Show those fanboys just how many of us are out here.
Hell, let's crash fat Harry's site. :cool:
Ahh, AICN talkback, the no-mans zone of sci-fi discussion.
I'd advise anyone entering there to wear full protection and carry a big stick...
I love the way it made it into the film and coaxial news sections. Does no-one talk to each other at AICN? :confused:

Edit, just read some of the tlakback in the coaxial article. Some guy reckons he's read the script. LOL!
dipsh%ts aren't worth the time. Probably couldn't spell 5B, no wait , I mean, er, B5 :LOL:
There is a philosophy that states something to the effect of "It's the wise man who keeps quite when all fools feel the need to be heard" ;)
I'd highly recommend staying away. Aint-It-Cool ain't what it was, and even when it was what it was, it wasn't all that pretty.

They're television converage is now completely pathetic; there's more coverage of dead shows (Buffy, Firefly) than running shows (Alias, for example). No insite is offered anymore; there used to be decent reviews of shows I'd enjoying reading afterwards for a different perspective. Now the typical review is "BUSCHEMI IN TROUBLE ON SOPRANOS! TALK!" with a million and one useless flame war comments.

I still LOVE Neil Cumpston's movie reviews, but that's about it. For those of you who deidn't read Neil's Return of the King review, HIGHLY recommend:

Hobbit Man: The King Returns:

Their treatment of B5 has always been suspect; Hercules is pretty much a Buffyverse-or-Trek or its worthless type guy. Glenn was much better in his fair coverage of a variety of shows. Moriarty and Harry have both been hooked on B5 now that its on DVD.

Don't expect much insight is the bottom line.

Screw "Herc" and the crippled tortoise he rode in on.

Hell, even JMS himself has called "Herc" on the carpet for him being a longtime biased TrekkiePartisan:

Subject: Re: LOTR review up at aint it cool news (SPOILERS)
From: Jms at B5
Date: 10/17/2001 11:14 PM
Forum: Usenet

>A not so ringing review has been posted for the upcoming movie. I'm hoping
>the reviewer has a strong bias against B5. I unfortunately have a very
>strong bias against Crusade.

Let's see...a reviewer who goes under the handle Captain Christopher Pike (a classic Star Trek character), compares everything in B5 to Star Trek, and is subbing for another so-called reviewer called Herc who is a bigtime B5 hater from way back...AND he posts a negative "review" of B5: Rangers?

I'm shocked...shocked, I tell you.

Lemme give you a heads-up here...there is a qualitative difference between an actual reviewer and the kind of jumped up fanboy who posts a message on this kind of system specifically for the purpose of trashing something out of the usual fanboy feud shit we've seen over the last seven years. (And then, from what I've heard, pops on over to b5lr.com to get reactions because he wants to get his jollies.)

This is not a review. It's not even close to a review, and this kind of crap is what totally destroys and has destroyed any hope of legitimacy that aicn has, which is why just about everybody in the business now totally writes them off. It started off as a news site, now it's a fanboy site with clearly distinguished biases.

They don't like that I say this? Tough. It's my review of their performance.

Look, how about we actually *see* the thing? I think it may be one of the best things B5 we've ever done. WB had NO NOTES on the thing. SFC had ONE note, to make one word (entil'zha) a bit louder because it's kind of a plot point. Both places referred to it as stunning and beautiful and maybe our best work to date.

So for some cretin as this to come out and try to torpedo something out of the same crap feud that's been out there for seven years, and for people like you to actually *fall* for this crap and post things like....

>If this telefilm tanks, I'd honestly be open to the idea of someone else
>taking over the universe from Joe.

....demonstrates a degree of credulity bordering on the mind-boggling.

This happens every time we do anything B5 related, it happened every season of the show ("We've seen scripts for season three and it's going to be just action, no more character stuff") and you'd think sooner or later people would learn not to fall for the okeydoke especially when a piece like this is SO obviously a plant by someone with an anti-B5 bias (a prior aicn review that slipped in, from someone WITHOUT any B5 bias, LOVED the film and this was before the EFX were even in the damned thing).

Jesus, Jonathan, get a grip and use a little critical thinking once in a while....


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permission to reprint specifically denied to SFX Magazine
and don't send me story ideas)
I was only suggesting standing up and being counted, not actually engaging in the resultant flaming. You can never truly win once you start.

Herc is a huge fan of Gilmore Girls.
Does someone with a penis admit such a thing?

I am only sad that Moriarty has said how much he was enjoying the DVDs of B5 (calling jms an "evil, evil man" for Z'ha'dum's cliffhanger ending) but he never followed up with a larger review. He also never posted to give his thoughts on Season 4, although I would assume he's seen it by now.
Oh well. :(
The BBC Cult site has now picked up on the AiCN post and has reported it as JMS is in talks for a B5 feature film, as if it was offically confirmed.

How the rumours grow.
True, it may not be "officially confirmed" as yet by the studio, but given the fact that it's coming from JMS himself...in this particular case, it's virtually the same thing. He wouldn't be getting our collective hopes up until and unless this thing was a slam-dunk, which it appears to be since the studio has already approved the financial side of making the picture.

Now, all that we're waiting for is for the cast to finalize their deals, and to grab onto those large paychecks that they all long ago earned.

Herc is a huge fan of Gilmore Girls.
Does someone with a penis admit such a thing?

...Errrr...ahhh... :rolleyes: :cool:

Fine, I admit it. It's one of the snarkiest, best-written shows on television. Any series that manages to work in a reference to the four-disc Lord of the Rings DVD's audio commentary in the course of a mother/daughter conversation has to be doing something right...

I am only sad that Moriarty has said how much he was enjoying the DVDs of B5 (calling jms an "evil, evil man" for Z'ha'dum's cliffhanger ending) but he never followed up with a larger review. He also never posted to give his thoughts on Season 4, although I would assume he's seen it by now.
Oh well. :(

Turns out that "Moriarty" DID indeed review Season 4...it was in his "DVD Roundup" for (I believe) the month of January. Run a search over at AICN -- you'll find his comments there.

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