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B5 Miniseries DVD Fan Art (Possible Spoilers)


There's been a lot of discussion here and elsewhere about possible concepts for a new B5 miniseries. I thought it would be fun to explore these ideas with some (fictional) DVD cover art and share them with everyone here.

Miniseries #1
Babylon 5: The Telepath War

Back Cover Description -
The Babylon 5 universe returns with the groundbreaking and award winning twelve-hour miniseries: The Telepath War. Written by J. Michael Straczynski, the miniseries takes you into the action and drama of the infamous telepath war that's briefly discussed in the original series and spin-off Crusade.

Featuring state-of-the-art effects and a stunning score by fan favorite Christopher Franke, The Telepath War continues the epic of Babylon 5 and solidifies itself as a modern sci-fi classic.

Miniseries #2
Babylon 5: Army of Light

Back Cover Description -
Babylon 5: Army of Light follows the incredible adventures of the Rangers, an elite military group whose purpose is to watch the shadows and enforce the peace.

Beginning with their formation and ending with their role in the Interstellar Alliance, this nine-episode miniseries ambitiously spans across 1000 years, three wars, and three leaders collectively known as "The One".

Miniseries #3
Babylon 5: The Adventures of Lyta and G'kar

(I wanted the cover to look old, and have an Indiana Jones type feel to it)

Back Cover Description -
The year is 2263. Two months have passed since Lyta Alexander and Citizen G'kar left Babylon 5 to travel among the stars. Their journey of introspection and enlightenment has quickly turned into a deadly game of cat and mouse with constant encounters with the Psi Corps out on the rim. As Lyta's powers continue to grow and G'kar continues writing his book, a shocking revelation takes them to the Vorlon homeworld and finally back to Earth to finish their business with the Corps.


Alright, so maybe I had little too much time on my hands? :LOL: Regardless, it was still a lot of fun to create these DVD covers. I really enjoyed coming up with the synopses, listing the extra features on the DVDs, and figuring out who would star in these fictional miniseries.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed them. I'd be interested to see what other people can come up with. :)
Waaaaaaaay too much time on your hands! :D

I did get a kick out of the Indy-inspired Lyta and G'Kar jacket, though. Very unexpected, but then again so was a gospel singalong during Refa's last run. When it comes to B5, anything can happen.
:: falls through something ::
:: bumps into something else ::
:: generally experiences poor coordination ::

Wow. :)

Too much or too little time... hardly matters, since the result is... appetizing. Congratulations for excellent imagination. I almost convinced myself that the disks are somewhere out there, only to be retreived. :D
THOSE ARE AWESOME!!! :eek: The first is my favorite by far. I hope to see it on the shelves soon. I think they should make as many as possible. Unfortunately, I don't think the Lyta and G'Kar story would bring in enough of the other cast members, but I'd love to see it. I didn't really care for the Amazing Stories Lyta/ G'Kar story, but there is a lot of possibility there.
Anyway, you keep working on more cool cover art. IT INSPIRES HOPE! ;)
Why oh why do we have to wait so long for the DVDs for the 4th miniseries! :mad:


These are great. Like Sleepy, I felt the desire to go to Amazon and order them. :D
Fabulous Work!
Like Jerry's grand ideas...if they'd only come to pass. BUT I think Jerry will be governor of Florida before any B5 miniseries is in place. *sigh*
I wouldn't say that. Considering that JMS has said that they are planning 2 B5-related things, and the fact that Sci-Fi actually produced AND aired a thing as... not b5-level as LotR, we just might get something.
Wow.. I liked all of them. I mean they're very nice and so on... One thing about that Lyta and G'Kar cover though. I think that the text should be a bit darker. Now it kinda blends with that foreground color too easily.
... One thing about that Lyta and G'Kar cover though. I think that the text should be a bit darker. Now it kinda blends with that foreground color too easily.

Yeah, I thought about making the text a bit darker. When I did though, it didn't have the "stamped on" type of look that I was going for. I hope that you can still read the text... I can, but then again I'm the one who created it. :p

BTW, can you read the Vorlon text on the front cover?