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B5 merchandise

Does anyone have info about the B5 leather & wool jackets that were once available? They had the B5 logo embroidered on the front, and a large image of the B5 station embroidered on the back.


(a) How many were made
(b) Are they still freely available for purchase from anywhere?

Many thanks for any input. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Correct. I have ordered B5 music CD's through Unconym Gifts and I don't remember them having those jackets.
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Okay, thanks guys. Are they rare/hard to find?


The jackets? Yes. I only have the B5 Season 3 Jacket (very soft, brushed black denim) and the Crusade Jacket (wool with no leather), and I'm not selling mine.

Both of my jackets came from the B5 Fan Club, and that is no more.

The best you could probably is to pick up one used, on eBay. Just keep an eye out for them.

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